Aralsk-7 2.0, a must-have free experimental Synthesizer for Reaktor 6

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Aralsk-7 2.0 is a fascinating free experimental Synthesizer for Reaktor 6 that takes you on a dystopian, bizarre sonic journey with drones and more.

Native Instruments recently updated Reaktor to version 6.5. A long-awaited update that includes VST3 and Apple Silicon support. Two features that make the plugin safe for the future. To celebrate, I visited the Reaktor user library on the NI website after a while.

Here you can find hundreds if not thousands of instruments, effects, MIDI tools, and modules (Blocks) that you can download for free. You can spend months with these tools alone without touching the backend of Reaktor and designing new ensembles yourself. The quality ranges from buggy/unusual to true synth or FX pearls. One of them is Aralsk-7 from the developer OreKore.

Aralsk-7 2.0

Aralsk-7 2.0

Aralsk-7 is not a new ensemble in the Reaktor User Library. It came, however, back into focus because the developer OreKore has recently updated the synth to version 2.0. So just in time for the release of Reaktor 6.5.

According to the developer, it is a complete rebuild in the core. It’s unfinished but not a beta, says the dev. I’ve been playing around with it for the past few days. I didn’t notice. The version runs fine. A bit CPU hungry otherwise, but no problems.

Aralsk-7 2.0 is a free Synthesizer ensemble that takes users to dark, mysterious worlds. The UI shows where the journey is going when you open it for the first time. Abandoned spaces, industrial charm, dystopian times…  And yes, the instrument is packed with such crazy sounds.

This makes a dual-engine synth possible that is very classic and subtractive. Each engine consists of two oscillators, filter, pre-or post-filter distortion, four LFOs, four envelopes, an arpeggiator and sequencer with sub-divisions, a ring modulator, and a frequency shifter.

Looks very classic at first glance. However, the developer has built in some nifty sound design options. For example, you can send each oscillator to a different arpeggiator. Besides this, you can split sounds on the keyboard in a hidden menu. Also nice is the visual representation of the knobs.

Patch Play

The synth made such a positive impression that I had to make a patch play video with it.

First Impression

Aralsk-7 2.0 is a unique and great-sounding Synthesizer ensemble for Reaktor 6. It’s a perfect example that shows what highlights are in the user library.  And all this is a free download if you have the full version of Reaktor 6.

If you don’t already have Reaktor 6, there is now the possibility to get the software at a much lower price. Native Instruments has their Summer of Sound aka Summer Sale where you get a 50% discount and can get Reaktor for 99€.

Aralsk-7 2.0 is available as a free download from the Native Instruments Reaktor User Library. It requires the full version of Reaktor 6.

More information here: Native Instruments /Reaktor User Library

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