Physicles Is An Unique Physics-Based AUv3 MIDI App For iOS That Is Available For Free!

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Physicles is an exciting new free AUV3 MIDI app (iPhone/iPad) that lets you make music and experiment with sounds with an underlying physics engine.

If you are looking for new ways to make music on the iPad without playing in a classic way instruments (piano, guitar), you should look at the following app. Physicles is a free iOS  AUv3 MIDI app that invites you to do create melodies and music with physics. In a triangle or rectangle you can play here with small balls and every time a ball touches the edge it triggers a tone. The tone generator can be another AUv3 app here.

A free app with which one can create exciting results. If we believe the developer, there will be other apps like this in the future. Don’t miss this MIDI app, it makes a lot of fun!


Physicles is a container of physics-based MIDI Audio Unit plugins. These AU MIDI plugins generate MIDI messages through the use of an underlying physics engine, which models the physical interactions between various entities. In this version, the following plugin is included:

  • Physicle Bouncy: In this playground, multiple balls bounce inside a polygon. MIDI messages are generated whenever a ball collides with the side of the polygon.


  • The plugin requires a compatible AU Host such as AUM, AudioBus 3, apeMatrix, Beatmaker, Cubasis 2, or Sequencism.
  • The plugin do not generate any sound, only MIDI messages.

Quick Play Demo On Instagram

Quick Physicales MIDI AUv3 app demo! Love this idea!

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Physicles by Rodrigo Roman is now available for free for iOS (iPhone & iPad) AUv3 on the Apple App Store!

Available here: Physicles

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