Bleass Slow Machine, AUv3 Tape Stop & Slow Down Effect For iOS

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Bleass Slow Machine is a flexible AUv3 app that transforms your iPhone/iPad in a powerful, fully-customizable tape stop & slow down effect processor. 

iOS has made a real leap in quality in the past two years. Apps have reached the level of commercial PC / Mac plugins. Developers such as Eventide, Bram Bos or Bleass have made a major contribution to this. The latter has a new app at the start that shows nicely how unique AUv3 plugins have become in 2020/2021.

Bleass Slow Machine is a creative tape stop & slow down effect processor that is capable to modulate both the rhythm and pitch at the same time.

Bleass Slow Machine

Bleass Slow Machine

Slow Machine fuses three different time and pitch modulation stages where the user can either control them via sequencer or live. The slow-down stage is a creative and straightforward slow-down effect that modulates both rhythm and pitch. This can be controlled with a good number of parameters (loop size, speed, quantization…) with which various results can be easily achieved.

Time stop stage gives an intuitive and visual way to instantly create a classic tape stop effect. This stage has its strengths in live performances. You can choose between four time stop modes including step, ramp up & down, ramp down, and ramp up. The behavior can be adjusted down to the smallest detail using various parameters (hold, speed, state…). The last stage is called speed sequencer and offers a unique way to program speed variations in your tracks. Also here, you get tons of control options including the length, resolution, randomness, etc.

To be honest, I’ve had little experience with this type of effect. The results you can hear in the videos sound interesting to me. You can definitely bring some unique variations in tracks. This can range from very subtle changes to very weird, wacky effects. The app is perfect for experimenting and trying out what goes well with your tracks.

Bleass Slow Machine is available now for $7.99 USD on the Apple AppStore and it compatible with iPhone/iPads with iOS 11+.

More information here: Bleass

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