Bram Bos WOOTT, iOS AUv3 OTT-inspired dynamics enhancer now available for macOS

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Bram Bos WOOTT is an OTT-inspired dynamic enhancer AUv3 plugin for iOS and now also for macOS as a free update. 

Let’s stay on the topic of AUv3 for macOS. Bram Bos, one of the most popular iOS developers, hasn’t yet ported an app to macOS. This may be because many of its apps are very iPhone/iPad-focused. So on the touch movements, etc. See Mononoke, a Lyra-8-like drone synth that you can play very expressively with  touch pads.

But there is hope that we will see some on the macs. Bram Bos recently released the WOOTT app as an AUv3 plugin for macOS. Yes, also as a free update.

Bram Bos WOOTT

Bram Bos WOOTT

WOOTT is a 1-to-1 port of the iOS version and offers the same features. It’s an OTT-inspired dynamics enhancer plugin with a triple band dynamics algorithm with simultaneous downwards and upwards compression. Plus, it adds a dedicated limiter to each band.

This technique slams all the loud, dominant aspects of your sound, and it blows up all the subtle quiet bits that were hiding below.

Feature Highlights

  • low-resource, so stack as many of them as you like – “[WO]OTT all the things!”
  • downwards *and* upwards compressors (a rare feature on conventional dynamics plugins)
  • smart soft limiter per band, adapts to its own band’s specific settings
  • mono switch makes low-band signal monaural for an extra tight bass


So the first step has been taken. I hope we will see more Bram Bos app ports for macOS.

Bram Bos WOOTT is available now for $4,99 on the Apple AppStore and runs as an AUv3 plugin on iOS and macOS.

Important note: Unfortunately, the Mac App Store is known to have a display bug regarding apps already purchased on an iOS device. In this case, you should still be able to continue purchasing and download the app for free.

More information here: Bram Bos /AppStore 

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