Superbooth 23: Mayer Vibes, the big-sounding MD900 wavetable Synthesizer in compact

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Superbooth 23: Mayer Vibes is the compact, more affordable version of its big-sounding MD900 VA/wavetable Synthesizer/groovebox.

In September 2021, the Austrian company Mayer EMI presented the MD900 for the first time—a desktop virtual analog/wavetable Synthesizer packed with features. For example, the synth features a complete clip launcher with a built-in sample-based drum machine turning it also in a groovebox. On the other hand, the interface with the small display for the individual features is an eye-catcher.

At the Superbooth 23 Horst, the developer shows the Vibes, the compact brother of the MD900. All sound features are the same; only the interface has been shrunk to a minimum.

Mayer Vibes Superbooth 23

Mayer Vibes

Vibes is a multi-timbral polyphonic 16-voice digital desktop Synthesizer, consisting of two aliasing-free oscillators, noise, mixer, 2 multimode filters, four ADSR envelopes, 3 LFOs, modulation matrix, drum sample-player, stereo effects (reverb, delay, distortion..), clip launcher with step sequencer, and more.

On the oscillator side, you can explore wavetable synthesis with Serum file support, and algorithmic mode, including virtual analog, spectral morph, and more. dual PWM, hard-sync saw, phase distortion sine, and more give more shaping options.

In the upcoming new firmware update, you can also work with a new waveshaper, great for richer harmonic sounds and multi-sample support. This gives you the option to create hybrid sounds with multi-sampled pianos and rich pad sounds, for example.

The Vibes synth is precisely the same synthesis beast as the MD900, just in small. It also doesn’t have the cool mini display for the oscillators, etc. You only get a selection with a controller and a button, which you can use to navigate well. And the touch display is also included

You get the full details in my previous article.

Here is my video about the Mayer MD900 Synthesizer from Superbooth 21 in case you didn’t see it.

First Impression

The MD900 is still a very underrated Synthesizer. I’m glad that the developer will offer with the Vibes a small but just as powerful device at a better price. The big brother is expensive, yes, but it is mainly handmade with partners from Austria. Only PCB components, displays, etc, come from China. But where else?

Mayer Vibes will come the end of the year 2023, and the developers expect a price of under 2000€.

More information here: Mayer 

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