Soundforce rounds off its Juno line with the Chorus 6 and uChorus 6 modules, available now

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Superbooth 23: Soundforce rounds off its Roland Juno-style Eurorack lineup with the new Chorus 6 and uChorus 6 modules. 

At Superbooth 23, Soundforce introduced two new stereo chorus modules based on the circuits of the Roland Juno synthesizers. Good news: both modules are now available.

DivKid has today published an extensive walkthrough video. 

The big Soundforce Chorus 6 module is available in a black and gray version for $339,99 in the US or 247,11€+ VAT + shipping in Europe. The micro version uChorus 6 is available for $229,99 in the US or 164,46€ + VAT + shipping in Europe. 

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Article From May 7, 2023

The Roland Juno (6, 60, 106) are legendary synthesizers. They’re simple synths, not feature-rich, but they always sound great. The Dutch company Soundforce has also noticed this always-pleasing character and has been working on a complete Eurorack voice based on these 80s synths for several years.

DCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR… are already available; the last building block is the effect that makes the sound what it is, the Juno sounds. For Superbooth 23, Nicolas of Soundforce will finalize its Euro Juno series with the Chorus 6, and uChorus 6, two analog chorus recreation.

Soundforce Chorus 6 uChorus 6 Superbooth 23

Juno Chorus For Eurorack

Both modules are analog Roland Juno BBD chorus recreation, using the Xvive MN3009 BBDs. They also have an authentic audio path that matches the original circuit. Soundforce has two versions: one straightforward for the instant “80s mojo” sound, another for the sound tweakers.

Like the original, they can do the classic I, II, and I+II modes. This in mono (as the original) or stereo, giving you four I+II options. Both modules are also skiff friendly at a depth of 38mm and offer mono and stereo inputs (Eurorack/line inputs).

Soundforce uChorus 6

Let’s start with the instant fun factor. The 4HP uChorus 6 only features the basic functionality you know from the original unit. Three buttons with which you can select the modes (I, II, I+II). Super simple to use, instant chorus-ification of your sounds (mono/stereo), and an absolute space-saving module.

Soundforce Chorus 6

Soundforce Chorus 6

If you want to delve deeper into the magic of the sound of the Juno Chorus, Chorus 6 is the right choice. With 14HP, it’s larger, 100€ more expensive, but you get an effect that is entirely customizable as if the Juno chorus had been exposed.

Chorus 6 version also offers the basic modes but additional manual and external modes that can take the module beyond the classic Juno timbres. The manual mode unlocks the complete potential of the effect by giving users control over every parameter. Including access to the LFO that modulates the BBD delay times. It’s great that you can tweak these parameters with sliders:

  • time sets the start delay time
  • rate with CV inputs: frequency of the delay time modulation
  • depth with CV input: sets the depth of modulation around the start time
  • mix with CV input: sets the mix between the dry input signal and the BBD delays outputs
  • LFO wave: selection of different waveforms to modulate the delay time
  • range: selection of three different frequency ranges for the LFO (S: 30Hz to 500Hz | M: 1Hz to 100Hz | L: 0.016Hz/1min to 10Hz)

Lastly, there is also an external mode where you can modulate the delay times using an external signal through the EXT IN CV input. For example, you can use here an LFO or other modulation signal.

First Impression

A lovely ending to this series of modules. I’m particularly curious about Chorus 6, and how far you can push the sound. And big like for the slider layout.

Soundforce uChorus 6 will be available in June 2023 at around 199€ incl. VAT and the Chorus 6 in July 2023 at 299€ incl. VAT. Visit Nicolas from Soundforce at Superbooth 23 at booth 0440.

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  1. I am a sucker for the Juno Chorus, and the Xvive chips sound great in my 106. I have been on the hunt for an authentic sounding Juno chorus for YEARS! So, I ordered a Chorus 6 yesterday, and may have to add a uChorus as well!

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