Superbooth 23: Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A2, hybrid swarm semi-modular synth

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At Superbooth 23, Radikal Technologies will announce the Delta CEP A2, a further development of its hybrid swarming semi-modular Synthesizer.

The market is full of semi-modular synthesizers. These instruments are perfect for entering the modular world without getting lost in the cable forest. It’s like putting someone into the candy land of modular synths but with a backup in the back.

One of the most unique and fattest sounding semi-modular synthesizers is the Delta CEP A from the German company Radikal Technologies. A hybrid engine consisting of Jörg Schaaf’s brilliant swarming oscillator, analog filter, and full digital control. The Delta CEP A2 is now coming to Superbooth 23. A new version with neat new features that Delta CEP A users will also benefit from.

Radikal Technologies Delta CEP-A2

Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A2

The core design of the Delta CEP A2 (68HP) is identical to the first version. It’s a 4-voice paraphonic hybrid Synthesizer with a huge digital brain and some analog goodness. It is powered again by the unique digital swarm oscillator that can generate up to 8 detunable oscillator clones. It is capable of waveform crossfading, TLM modulation, FM, and tone scale quantization.

Then, the digital part goes into a flexible hybrid filter section. First, you get an analog 12dB multimode filter with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass characteristics. Perfect for adding analog juice.

Alternatively, it has a digital 12dB multimode filter (low, band, high) and another digital 24dB lowpass filter. All this can be controlled with various parameters and modulated with CV, including the filter’s resonance and 1V/oct input. Long filter fun is guaranteed.

Modulation side, you get a single LFO with four waveforms, random voltage with sync, and an ADSR envelope. These are either hardwired or can be repatched at any time like in a modular synth. Like the Delta CEP A (1), it also has a rich multi-fx section consisting of a tape delay, digital delay, phaser, flanger, chorus, and more.

Unlike classic semi-modular synths, sounds can be stored in Delta CEP A and A2. There are 40 memory slots and 8 snapshots for each already. The innovative snapshot morphing function is also onboard, allowing you to morph different parameter states. The Delta CEP A2 also has 27 patch points and a built-in MIDI to CV interface. But there is more.

Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A2

New In The Delta CEP A2

Almost nothing has changed on the hardware of the Delta CEP A, except for two goodies. Radical Technologies has added a new headphone output and additional details on the front panel. The complete opposite in the engine and the Delta CEP A users also benefit from it.

Delta CEP A2 hosts a new, improved reverb processor in the multi-fx section with additional parameters. It also comes with a new easy-to-use step sequencer. There are also new improvements in the MIDI implementation to explore.

The upcoming new firmware works better with external MIDI data, including support for parameter changes via MIDI. According to Jörg, an editor will give you access to hidden parameters. Lastly, the update allows you to route modulations links without patching and gives you improved LED visualizations for parameter changes.

There is no video for the new Delta CEP A2 yet, but to bridge the waiting time, here is a small sound demo from version 1.

First Impression

A very exciting and welcome update to the Delta CEP A from Radikal Technologies. I am particularly pleased that existing customers can benefit from the new features. That’s support. Thanks a lot.

Radikal Technology Delta CEP A2 will be available shortly after the Superbooth. It will be available again in two versions. The module version will cost 899€ and the desktop for 1199€. Existing Delta CEP A (1) users will receive the new features as a free firmware update. Radikal will exhibit at the booth Z197 at Superbooth 23 next week.

More information here: Radikal Technologies

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