Superbooth 23: Analog Sweden SWEnigiser, a clone of the rare Orgon Systems Enigiser

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Superbooth 23: Analog Sweden SWEnigiser is a clone of the rare and obscure Organ Systems Enigiser mono Synthesizer from 1995.

Roland SH-101, Korg MS-20, Yamaha CS01… all mono synthesizers that have gone down in Synthesizer history. And the Orgon Systems Enigiser? I didn’t know this mono synth before, but I did since the Superbooth 23.

Analog Sweden has revived this rare and unknown mono as a semi-modular analog synth and showcased it to me at Superbooth 23

Analog Sweden SWEnigiser Superbooth 23

Analog Sweden SWEnigiser

According to Fred of Analog Sweden, they reversed engineered (clone) an original Organ System Enigiser from 1995 and kept all critical components for retaining the core sound. So it gives you everything the original analog synth had.

Including a single VCO with sine, triangle, square, PWM, and saw triangle with slide, a VCO mod bus, PWM, and a saw shape bus. Then, it goes into an impressive analog filter with 15 different modes (lowpass 1-4, phaser, notch…) with cutoff, resonance, tracking, and volume/drive control.

There is also a VCA with a built-in drive, and sub-oscillator; however, not to be found in the VCO area but after the filter. The modulation side has a triangle/square LFO with speed and shape controls, and three different envelopes. You get an AD envelope, AR, and ADSR envelope. Pretty impressive for a single-VCO mono synth.

New In The SWEnigiser

The developers have not only recreated the original, but also expanded it very well. It now comes with a complete patch bay turning it into a semi-modular synth.  It also has a MIDI to CV section with 4x CV out, 3 gate out, 3x gate boosters, and more.

SWEnigisers also host an audio input that goes straight to the filter with pre-volume/drive control and VCA + attenuator. There is also a new white noise generator and a main output.

First Look & Sound Demo

First Impression

SWEnigiser is definitely not a product for the large mass market. It is made for people looking for exactly this sound or wanting to own this rare, obscure synth from the past. It’s an unusual mono synth with an interesting configuration. The filter in particular, is very extensive here.

Analog Sweden SWEnigiser is available now for 2000€ (incl. VAT) or as DIY kits. The DIY with all components to be done costs 825€ (VAT included), and the SWEnigiser DIY-kit + prebuilt main board for 1375€.

More information here: Analog Sweden 

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