Superbooth 23: AJH MiniMod Keyz Minimoog-style modular keyboard, and more

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Superbooth 23: British developer AJH has announced the MiniMod Keyz, a Minimoog-style modular keyboard synth, and the Triple Cross module.

Great Britain has a high density of synthesizer developers. If you like Eurorack but like it more classic, you can hardly avoid the modules from Allan Hall aka AJH. With his MiniMod series, he has replicated the entire Minimoog as a modular synth but with more advanced features.

For Superbooth 23, he will turn his Minimoog modules into a big MiniMod modular Synthesizer. Plus there are also new modules.

AJH MiniMod Keyz

AJH MiniMod Keyz

The MiniMod Keyz is a new mono synth that is based on the original circuits of the Moog Minimoog. But modularized and with additional functionalities.

For the new MiniMod Keyz, AJH Synth is collaborating with the US-based developer company Cre8audio. The NiftyKEYZ is the keyboard part of this product and is a modular keyboard with a built-in powered Eurorack case and various I/O.

On the engine side, an entire range of modules is based on the Minimoog circuits but modularised and expanded with features. You get

  • three VCOs
  • classic 24dB vintage ladder filter
  • low fat (2HP) high pass filter
  • dual cascaded VCA
  • dual contour generators
  • glide noise module
  • ring SM module is a 5-channel Moog CP3-mixer, EMS Synthi/VCS3 based Ring Modulator, and a simultaneous 2 octave sub-bass generator
  • Tap-Tempo VC-LFO with 16 common and unusual waveforms, including stepped and sloped random voltages
  • Plus, the case has a second multi-function modulation LFO.

For the first time, the whole bundle is available with a matching modular keyboard in one product.

AJH Tone Science Triple Cross

The new Tone Science Triple Cross (14HP) is a design collaboration between electronic musician/composer Ian Boddy and AJH Synth.

It features three independent cross-fader and panner channels, and it can be used with both audio and CV signals. Each of the channels can be configured in one of four different ways:

  • One in, One out linear VCA
  • Two in, One out crossfader
  • One in, Two out panner
  • Two in, Two out cross-fader & reversing panner combined

Audio rate modulation is also possible on the CV inputs to create ring and cross-modulation-type sounds. Each channel has a dedicated Fade control, CV input, and CV Level attenuverter. These can be used together to bias incoming CV signals.

The L1 and L2  outputs from channels 1 and 2 are normalized to channel 3’s inputs, which also have their own level controls to balance incoming signals. This allows very interesting, complex fading and panning between four different input sources, to either mono or stereo outputs.

AJH Low Fat (High Pass Filter)

The Low Fat Filter (2HP) packs a switchable 6dB and 12dB slope High Pass Voltage controlled Filter into a minuscule 2HP of rack space, with a very low power consumption of less than 12mA per rail.

The new AJH Synth products will be available soon from retailers worldwide. The AJH MiniMod Keyz is available for £2329,17 or $2933 USD.  You can explore the new AJH products on Superbooth 23 in booth B015.

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