Superbooth 23: Clank Proteo, a new constantly evolving stereo oscillator

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Superbooth 23: Clank intros Proteo, a new stereo oscillator for Eurorack that takes you on an evolving sonic journey. 

The Italian Eurorack company Clank has been on the market for a few years. The developers love sound in motion. With their modules Chaos, a creative 8-channel chaos generator, and the latter Thererec, a two-channel movement recorder, they showed their love for evolving sounds.

For Superbooth 23, they will transfer their moving DNA to a new stereo oscillator called Proteo.

Clank Proteo

Clank Proteo

Not all the details have been released for the new Clank Modular module. There is only a teaser of what it can do. I hope to get more details on Superbooth 23 next week.

Proteo is a new stereo oscillator with a constantly evolving character. Whether it is an analog or digital core is unknown, but I point to digital because the previous Clank modules were more in the digital field.

According to the developer, it uses two independent time-based acquiring paths that transform incoming voltages into sounds. From this, it casts a mold for the oscillator waveform.

Clanks says the sonic result is a constantly evolving waveform with a freeze functionality on each side. Plus, you can blend it with a sine wave. Further, the two oscillators are tied together from the common pitch. With the span control, you can set the pitch distance in between.

The interface looks very lovely and invites you to tweak it. We also see two displays on the front panel that shows the generated waveforms.

First Impression

From the available information, an exciting concept for a stereo oscillator. I’m looking forward to the full feature set and the first sounds.

Clank Proteo availability and price TBA. You can visit Clank at Superbooth next week at their booth 0397. And what the developers say in the blog, they have a lot of news for SB 23.

More information will follow here: Clank Modular

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