Superbooth 23: Morphor Ensemble analog 8-voice BBD chorus module, and more

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Superbooth 23: Belgian developer Morphor intros a range of new modules, including Ensemble, a new 8-voice BBD chorus module.

Superbooth 23 starts in less than a week. Wow, how time has passed. The event brings together developers from all over the world. It is also the stage for newcomers.

With Morphor, a new Belgian developer will premier at Superbooth 23 with exciting new modules, including an 8-voice analog chorus.

Morphor Ensemble

Superbooth 23 Morphor

The website of Morphor currently lists seven that are new, six of them are already available for purchase.

Morphor Ensemble

The highlight of the new modules is Ensemble, a new 8-voice fully BBD-based analog chorus effect module. A bit rarer to see an analog chorus in Eurorack and with 8 voices.

It features extensive control over your effect with number of voices selection, CV-able spread, two full-featured LFOs, and control over the amount of dry-add signal. This way, it is possible to create a wide range of effects, from subtle broadening or humanization of your sound to pitch-bending craziness.

Morphor Ensemble


The Morphor Distortion is a compact and characterful analog clipping distortion module with three modes that are LED-based. According to the developers, it’s loosely based on the legendary MXR distortion circuit. More, “it’s perfect for adding some extra crunch to your patches”.

Analogue Plectrum (AP-1)

Then there is also an exciting and somewhat unusual module, it’s the Morphor Analogue Plectrum, short AP-1. It’s a fully analog 10HP module based on the Karplus-Strong principle for creating plucked string-like sounds. It uses an authentic bucket brigade delay (BBD) circuit that offers a rich, warm analog sound says the developer.

Morphor Superbooth 23

Morphor VCF Multimode

The next module is a straightforward, “no-nonsense” 8HP fully analog filter with a dedicated lowpass and highpass filter core. Both filter sections have a cutoff frequency control with a bipolar CV jack. Additionally, resonance control and a switchable pole selection are available.

The second output acts as both a bandpass and highpass output, depending on the position of the BP/HP mixing knob.

Morphor VCA

Of course, a Eurorack company also must have a VCA. And the Morphor VCA is a compact dual linear/exponential DC-coupled VCA. The two separate VCA sections each feature extensive gain control (main knob + attenuated CV jack), and an indicator LED.

There is also a switch to select Linear or Exponential control. This way, the module can be used both for audio and CV processing

Morphor Mixer – 5 Channel Amplifier

Further, there is an analog mixer with five channels, where each channel offers an attenuator knob and mute switch allowing for instant playability. Input signals can be AC or DC-coupled depending on your preferred setting.

Plus, the output stage also features an extra attenuation/gate stage for doubling the mixed signal. And you get an additional master mute switch, and a clipping LED.

And there is also a buffered multiple with two different modes.

First Impression

A nice first range of Euroack modules from the new developer Morphor. Especially the analog 8-voice chorus and the plectrum “oscillator” look intruging.

Morphor Ensemble is available now for pre-order for 399€ and the module is shipping in June 2023. You can visit Morphor at booth O390 at Superbooth 23.

More information here: Morphor 

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