NAMM 2023: Verbos Electronics Real World Interface, let’s connect to the outside

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NAMM 2023: Verbos Electronics Real World Interface, three channels allowing you to connect with sound sources outside the system.

When working with modular synthesizers, oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFOs, etc., come to mind. But what are fundamental extractors, frequency detectors, or locked oscillators?

These are all the tools that Verbos Electronics has packed into its new lovely Real World Interface module for NAMM 2023. It’s more of an esoteric module.

Verbos Electronics Real World Interface

Verbos Electronics Real World Interface

The Real World Interface is a three-channel external processing module intended for connecting with sound sources outside the system. The channels are oriented as vertical channel strips. The left and right channels have a built-in condenser microphone, preamp, envelope follower with variable decay, and gate extractor.

Then, you get a built-in pre-amp, envelope follower, and gate extractor. The center channel also has an Automatic Gain Control (fixed high ratio compressor), fundamental extractor (tracking lowpass filter), frequency detector, and locked oscillator. Okay, many unfamiliar terms; here some explanations.

Real World interface also has built-in microphones allowing you to introduce electro-acoustic room sound into the modular.

Envelope followers can be used to have external signal levels effect parameters such as filter cutoff or level for building dynamics processors. Gate extraction allows external sounds such as metronomes, clicks, claps, or room sounds to advance sequencers, trigger sounds or initiate other events.

The Frequency Detector can extract the pitch of simple monophonic sounds but is also a semi-chaotic CV source in the tradition of such modules since their introduction in the 1960’s. And finally, the locket oscillator plays a sine wave at the same pitch as the input signal

First Impression

All in all, a fascinating, unique module that gives you many ways for generating audio and modulations from external audio for your modulator system.

Verbos Electronics Real World Interface will be available in August 2023—price TBA.

More information here: Verbos Electronics

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