NAMM 2023: Nektar Panorama CST, new channel strip MIDI controller

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NAMM 2023: Nektar has announced the Panorama CST, a new channel strip controller with a high-resolution motor fader and color-coded knobs.

The mouse is your daily companion if you work intensively with a DAW and plugins. Many have a love-hate relationship because it’s an essential part of your studio, but it’s also unsexy to operate—reasons why MIDI controllers are so standard in music studios.

At NAMM 2023, Nektar Technologies from the UK shows a new channel strip MIDI controller specially designed for DAW control.

Nektar Panorama CST
@Sweetwater Video

Nektar Panorama CST

At the time of the article, no press release was available. I got the features and all other details from the embedded Sweetwater video. I will provide all the details when they become available.

The Nektar Panorama CST is a new channel strip MIDI controller featuring a high-resolution motor fader, 16 freely-assignable, color-coded knobs and buttons, and more. The new controller is powered by the Nektarine engine communicating with the DAWs. There have been issues with Logic Pro in the past. Nektar emphasizes that the new Panaorma controller will also work with Apple’s DAW

The mapping system is interesting. There are 12 endless encoders and 8x2banks buttons. Parameters can be mapped directly to encoders, while buttons can be plugin shortcuts. Thus, you can open and close plugins in the DAW with a simple push of a button. Once opened, the 12 encoders switch to the mapped parameters. According to Nektar, they also have fine-resolution capabilities.

Panaorma CST also features a solid OLED display showing all the mapped parameters and respective amounts. Then, it includes classic DAW controls (play, pause..) and the ability to switch the automation on/off in your DAW.

First Impression

A detailed list with all the features is still missing, but at first glance, it looks like a very solid new channel strip MIDI controller. I like that the encoders can have different colors.

Nektar Panorama CST availability and price TBA.

More information will follow here: Nektar Technologies

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