KORG Teases New Synthesizer Product With A Release On January 7th (NAMM 2020)

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KORG officially started its countdown to NAMM 2020 today with a teaser for a new Synthesizer product that will be launched on January 7th.

It started again, the big teasing of new products for the upcoming NAMM 2020, which takes place on January 16 in Anaheim (LA). Last year at that time KORG announced the Minilogue xd, which is one of the most exciting and innovative hybrid poly synths currently on the market.

This time it is again the Japanese company that has given the go-ahead for the NAMM 2020 teasers. The video was published on Facebook and is very colorful, pink to be precise. In this, you can see a keyboard “Synthesizer” on the right side with two wheels and a joystick. The date 7 January on which the device will be presented also falls here.

Korg NAMM 2020 teaser

New Poly Synth?

We have recently learned from a leak that KORG is bringing back the ARP 2600 on the market with the help of the original designers. That was spoken out by Jean Michel Jarre. It is certain that this will not be the only new KORG product for NAMM 2020.

A new polyphonic Synthesizer that could use the multi-engine would be possible. A new workstation that could replace the Kronos would also be possible. However, the keyboard in the teaser looks less like a Kronos successor, but more like a new Synthesizer. See the built-in keybed. Or will there be a monologue xd?

Monologue xd?

It could also be a Monologue xd. KORG released the Prologue two years ago, a “high-end” polyphonic Synthesizer with the multi-engine, this year the Minilogue xd a hybrid polyphonic with less voices at a good price. So a Monologue xd with a multi-engine would be a nice update for this excellent analog synth.

Super Multi-Engine Synth?

Or do we see something completely different like a Synthesizer entirely based on the multi-engine, like a NUTEKT NTS-1 in polyphonic. So far there was a multi-engine oscillator and effects processor in every new Korg Synthesizer. A complete multi-engine based synth where everything can be exchanged might be the next step. Other option would be a device that combines a Synthesizer with a groovebox in a new product.


1.7.2020 ?️

Gepostet von KORG am Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2019

Now you can speculate about a lot. We will see it no later than January 7th. Maybe earlier if a shop leaks it again. Full details will follow soon. A first look will be made at NAMM 2020.

More information here: KORG

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