NAMM 2023: Muse Ovations BeatWarp, new groovebox with a unique, colorful concept

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NAMM 2023: Muse Ovations has introduced BeatWarp, a new fascinating audio/MIDI groovebox with a unique, colorful concept. 

NAMM 2023 is officially history. Saturday was the last day of the biggest music fair. There was some interesting news this year, but there were no big surprises. Very weak news, especially in the synth area.

All videos from the media are slowly online, and one thing caught my attention. This is a new drum machine/groove box called BeatWarp from a young company Muse Ovations.

Muse Ovation BeatWarp

Muse Ovations BeatWarp

BeatWarp is a new groovebox that is particularly striking with its unique design. It’s all about color and a pad-free playing experience. Instead, there are 6 faders, a middle crossfader, and buttons. Almost everything is layered with customizable RGB lights.

Also, the sequencer patterns are visualized differently No buttons, but you can find little RGB strips that can be seen from the front and from below. In this way, the viewer can follow the active sequencer.

According to the developers, Beatwarp will feature eight audio and eight MIDI tracks,  all of which can be controlled independently. Each track can have its own sound plus editing options, including filters, effects, and modulation. You can choose here between samples or various synth models.

The heart of Muse Ovation’s new groove box is a unique sequencer powered by 4 tiny joysticks. By moving them, you can adjust the steps and patterns of the sequencer. As a starting point for your first beats, BeatWarp will have some built-in patterns.

It also offers automation, warping, and randomization for each of the tracks and notes. Further, it also has a big crossfader allowing you to fade timbres or scenes.

Connection side, you get MIDI in/out on big sockets, an additonal pair of MIDI in/out on TRS, a stereo output on L/R 6.3mm jacks, a USB-C port for power, and two audio inputs. There is also a microSD card slot and a headphone socket.

First Impression

A fascinating groovebox that breathes fresh air into in my opinion. This is mainly because of the very unique operating concept. I’m curious to hear more about it and to know all the features.

Muse Ovations will be launching a Kickstarter for the Beatwarp by the end of summer 2023. They are estimating a price of no more than $1000.

More information here: Muse-Ovations

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