Deal: save 25% OFF on Moog Mavis semi-modular analog Synthesizer

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Save up to 25% OFF on the Moog Mavis semi-modular patchable analog Synthesizer and get it for $299/299€ instead of $349/399.

Last June, Moog released the Mavis, a semi-modular analog Synthesizer that is the successor to the Werkstatt-01—similarly simple, also DIY without soldering but with some improvements. Unlike the Werkstatt-01, the Mavis is a 44HP Eurorack synth voice module with internal CV/Gate connectivity with no add-ons required.

Just before the Easter holidays, there is now the first price change. The Moog Mavis is now available at a deal price of $299/299€. In the US $50 and in Europe, even 100€ less.

Deal Moog Mavis

Deal Moog Mavis

The Moog Mavis is a very simple subtractive analog Synthesizer—a perfect instrument to take the first small steps in analog synthesis. In addition to its one oscillator, classic ladder filter, envelope, and LFO, Mavis is the first Moog synth to have a wave folder. It comes as a DIY kit, and you have to assemble it yourself. This is fun and requires no soldering

Mavis is a very good-sounding Synthesizer but has weaknesses that overshadow the experience. It only has a single morphable two-wave oscillator with which you quickly reach the limits.

Then, the built-in wave folder is not CV controllable, making it less versatile. Moreover, Mavis doesn’t have MIDI, and thus, it only works with CV/gate. Points that make the Mavis look a bit unexciting compared to other synthesizers in the same price range. However, there are some clever internal patchings that can be used to elicit many unexpected sounds from the Mavis.


Key Features

  • DIY without soldering required
  • 44HP standalone or Eurorack module
  • onboard 13-key baker’s octave means quick playback with full glide and KB scaling
  • single VCO with pulse width modulation
  • classic 24dB lowpass ladder filter
  • diode wavefolding circuitry means analog additive synthesis is now a possibility
  • crossfader-based LFO modulation
  • ADSR envelope
  • 24-point patch bay for easy Eurorack integration
  • 1v/oct control
  • protective cover included

Moog released a new performance video with 7 Mavis just before the weekend.

The Mavis is not perfect in many points (a single VCO, no CV-controllable wavefolder, no MIDI), but it’s a very good-sounding entry-level Synthesizer. It is particularly suitable for the first steps into the semi-modular world and for everyone who wants to start with a Moog and with the sound.

An alternative would be the Behringer Crave, which you can get for almost half the price but cannot be used as a module.

Moog Mavis is available now for $299/299€ instead of $349/399€.

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