OXI Instruments CORAL, 14HP polyphonic multi-engine synth voice for Eurorack, ready for pre-order

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OXI Instruments CORAL is a new massive polyphonic multi-engine synth voice giving your synths, beats, and effects in a single 14HP module. 

The polyphonic, multi-engine CORAL module from Oxi Instruments was already leaked in February. Now it’s officially released and can be pre-ordered.  A super mighty module in terms of features.

It’s like they squeezed all the synths and samplers of a workstation into a 14HP module. Pretty impressive work.

Key Features

  • 14HP
  • 8 voices – each voice can have up to 8 oscillators depending on the engines (64 oscillators at the same time)
  • 8 voices with independent filter, amplifier, and modulation envelopes per voice + individual FX
  • 10 different engines and new engines will be added through firmware updates
  • the voices can be freely split into different parts
  • sample playback (wav 16, 24, and 32-bit mono and stereo files with no limit to playback time) + overdrive, filter, envelopes…
  • full wavetable Synthesizer with custom wavetables and 3D morphing + 3D wavetable editor
  • full MIDI integration + MIDI CC
  • effects: space engine to create deep atmospheres and rich ensemble chorus.


Article From February 16th, 2023

In 2021 the young Spanish company Oxi Instruments released the OXI One, a very sophisticated and deep hardware sequencer. Then in 2022, the official release with many fascinating updates. Among other things, the developers have given the One a generative infusion in update 3.0.

In addition to the sequencer, the developers are also cooking on other products. One has been teased for a while, but now the details have been leaked on the official website. There will publish soonish an impressive polyphonic multi-engine synth voice called CORAL.

OXI Instruments CORAL module

OXI Instruments CORAL

CORAL is an 8-voice polyphonic Synthesizer module powered by multiple sound engines. According to the developer, you can work with all eight voices on a single sound engine, assign each voice to a different one, or group it into parts. That’s pretty clever and makes it very flexible.

The built-in engines cover a wide range of synthesis forms. You can find virtual analog, FM, wavetable, waveshaping, dedicated drum synths (kick, hi-hat, and snare drum), string,  and swarm. There is also a sample playback engine via the front-panel SD card reader. These are operated in the upper third of the module.

Then, in the middle of the module, it hosts a lowpass filter section with drive, resonance, and envelope amount control. There is also a built-in space reverb and chorus effects. Below are two envelopes where one side controls the amp and the other the filter cutoff. However, you can break this normalization and route it to other parameters.

OXI Instruments Coral

Connection side, you get various CV patch points, a trigger input, a V/oct input, MIDI, and a stereo output on the left and right sockets. Nope, there are not eight dedicated 1V/oct inputs, one a single. So you can only trigger one voice at the same time. If you want all 8, you must work with MIDI, which is increasingly finding its way into the Eurorack world.

First Impression

I’m curious about how easy it is to use the module. Many modules fail to be hands-on because they are overloaded with features but offer a bare minimum of hardware controls. With eight voices and so many engines, you also have a queasy feeling at first. So I’m curious how OXI Instruments solved this.

I’m looking forward to seeing the module and how it sounds. So far, CORAL looks like a very massive module.

You can pre-order it now for 399€ + VAT, and it will ship in April 2023.

More information here: OXI Instruments 

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  1. The features makes me think the oscillator section is based on Plaits. 8 voice polyphony, sampling, and internal effects is a good value tho

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