Dreadbox Abyss analog poly Synthesizer with 8 voices & presets coming soon

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Dreadbox teased a big revision of its Abyss analog polyphonic Synthesizer in a short IG video with 8 voices, display for possible presets & more. 

The Greek Synthesizer manufacturer Dreadbox is known to many for its great, hands-on analog synthesizers. The developers have released great instruments, especially in the mono area. The best seller is the Typhon, an analog mono synth with tons of digital FX power that was developed together with Sinevibes. In polyphonic, there was only the Abyss so far, but it is already off the market. But that could change soon.

The picture is coming from the ProckGnosis video. He visited the headquarter of Dreadbox in Greece. This shows a new, completely, redesigned version of the Abyss that will hit soon the stores.

Dreadbox Abyss 8 voice

Dreadbox Abyss 8 Voices

Neither the product nor the features are official, but you can see some of them in the photo. The Abyss (Mk2) has 8 voices instead of the previous 4, i.e. a doubling of the analog oscillators. The changed layout can also be clearly seen. At first glance, this has been optimized and made more classic.  It is not known whether the oscillators have been changed. The first Abyss only had an analog “Macro” oscillator like the Typhon with which you could control everything.  So far, you can see little of the filter, but what is noticeable is the new HP (high-pass) part.

On the modulation side, we can see two separate LFOs, a simple one on the far left and next to this an LFO with a circularly arranged waveform selector. A bit similar to the oscillator concept of the Typhon. As a reminder, the first Abyss also had two but both were squeezed in the same area.

The envelopes have also been detached from their respective functions and now have their own locations on the interface. The first is called modulation, the second works as an amp envelope. At first glance, however, both remain technically unchanged classic ADSR envelopes.

A new FX section on the right-hand side can also be seen on the teased photo. Instead of the previous delay and “reflection” section, it now has a section with two effects paths. We don’t know whether Sinevibes is responsible for the effects like in Typhon, but it would be great. Because the effects are very high quality.


And I didn’t tell you the biggest difference. According to the picture, the new Abyss (Mk2) will have a display with which you can possibly save presets. That would be a big improvement over the predecessor.


There is currently no more information about the Abyss (mk2). At first glance, it looks like a solid, nice further development. We will find out in the near future what the full feature set will be, the price, and its availability. I think we will get all the detailed information at Superbooth 2021. So stay tuned.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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  1. ok, so there’s a space for a small screen below the Abyss logo just like on the Typhon.
    So I guess there’s the same mod-slots and FX setup!
    This could be my dream synth….

    • sorry hatte das Bild am Anfang bei Elektronauts gesehen. Beim zweiten Artikel dann erst bemerkt und in dem Artikel das Video verlinkt. Hab es jetzt gefixed.

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