Expert Sleepers releases framework opening the disting EX to other developers

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Expert Sleepers has released a new framework opening the disting EX module platform to third-party developers.

Expert Sleepers disting and disting EX are fascinating Eurorack modules. These are multi-function modules that are packed with features. I don’t know any developer who has added so many new features to a product after release—incredible work; thanks, Andrew Ostler.

The implementation of the open-source codes Plaits, Braids, Rings… by Emilie Gillet in the dEX alone shows how extensive the module feature set has become. And there are even quadruples of Plaits and Braids. Now Andrew Ostler is taking a similar approach.

Expert Sleepers framework disting EX

Expert Sleepers disting EX framework

The companies that cloned the Mutable Instruments modules must have been rubbing their hands by now. You were happy too soon. Andrew Ostler does not open-source its fascinating disting EX module.

Both the hardware and the original software remain proprietary. However, Expert Sleepers has published an open-source framework on GitHub for the disting EX opening the door for new codes from third-party developers. It was released under the MIT license.

This exciting step will undoubtedly result in new creative algorithms for the module in future years. I’m very curious to see what other developers will publish for it. I wonder if this step was taken because of the recent float of Mutable Instruments code implementations.

These are open-source, and prescribe that these releases should also be published open-source.  With the disting EX framework, Andrew Ostler has followed these instructions and done more. He opens his own platform for other developers. That’s a great move.

Expert Sleepers disting EX is available now for $399 USD.

More information here: Expert Sleepers

Available at my partners

Perfect Circuit SoundofYou (EU)  Clockface M (JP)

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  1. “ Andrew Ostler does not open-source its fascinating disting EX module.”
    I believe the ‘not’ should have been ‘now’ instead?

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