Expert Sleepers disting mk4 4.21 adds low pass gate & attenuverter-offset algorithms

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Disting mk4, Expert Sleepers extremely deep multi-function module got a firmware update 4.21 with new low pass gate & attenuverter-offset algorithms, and more.

If you want many functions in a module or even in your small system, you can’t pass a multi-function module. These offer a huge selection of algorithms. The Expert Sleepers disting Mk4 is an all-time classic. No wonder if you follow how much work and diligence Andrew Os has put into the module in the last years.

Today there is another new firmware update and yes there are again new algorithms waiting to be explored by you.

disting mk4 firmware 4.21

Disting Mk4 4.21

The new firmware 4.21 is again an update that makes the module more extensive. Highlights are two new algorithms. First, it adds a new low pass algorithm to the feature disting mk4 feature set. A function that is known from the legendary Buchla synthesizers. Then, it comes with a new utility algorithm, more precisely a new attenuverter/offset algorithm. It gives you two independent channels of scaling inversions and offsetting to process CV signals. A very useful algorithm for shape modulators for example.

Some existing algorithms have also been improved. For example, the tune algorithm got a better accuracy with better feedback and additional features. Other new improvements:

  • comparator algorithm now with X/Y offset parameters
  • quantizer program now with a transpose parameter and new range of its attenuator parameter (0-32)
  • MIDI/CV algorithm now offers a velocity gate output mode and new range options when controlling the outputs by MIDI CCs

Another nice update for the Disting mk4. The module just keeps getting better and better. Thanks Andrew.

Expert Sleepers disting mk4 firmware 4.21 is available now as a free download for existing customers. The module is out now for $169 USD.

More information here: Expert Sleepers

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