SYNTH NEWS: Chompi Sampler, MASK-1, Minimonsta 2, unreleased Behringer synths, and more

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The new episode of SYNTH NEWS features the new Chompi Club Sampler, Kodamo MASK-1, Minimonsta 2 update, and many unreleased Behringer synths.

Yesterday I published a new episode of my SYNTH NEWS show in which I summarize exciting hardware and software (plugins, iOS) news of the last weeks compactly.

This time, the SYNTH NEWS episode has a good mix of both worlds, interesting new hardware products like the Kodamo MASK-1 or the Chompi sampler. But also great-sounding and more esoteric soft synths.


This episode is about these Synthesizer topics. I have linked the respective article in the topic list so that you can get straight to the point.


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