Inear Display Regressif, a free dirty multi-FX plugin gets a visual makeover

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Inear Display Regressif is a free patchable multi-fx plugin made for audio degradation, now in v1.4 with a new UI. 

I love experimental effect plugins that allow for crazy sound manipulations. Inear Display is one of the developers who offer such fascinating plugins. Already in 2017, the developer released Regressif, a free multi-fx plugin made for exploring the dirty side of the sound.

6 years after its release, Regressif now gets a new user interface in version 1.4. This is a reason for me to look at this free experimental plugin again.

Inear Display Regressif

Inear Display Regressif

Regressif remains a free dirty multi-fx plugin focused on sound degradation. It combines a multimode filter with distortion, sample rate reduction, and bit-crushing in a plugin. Each effect has its own parameters. The filter comes with four filter types: lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch, making a wide range of sounds possible. The built-in “digital” distortion (drive) has a pre or post-filter option.

Then, you have the Lo-Fi module, aka bit-crusher, that you can work in three distinct routing configurations: in serial, parallel, or in ring mod mode. Rate and bits controls are available for sound adjustments. The output is the final module and consists of an amp and dry/wet control.

The wild side of the plugin can be explored by starting to modulate the parameters. It has two LFOs with seven different shapes onboard. And like a modular Synthesizer, you can patch the LFOs to parameters with virtual wires. There is also an LFO mixer for combining the LFOs together.

Further, the plugin ships with 40 factory presets, with which you can start immediately. For quick inspiration, it has a randomizer onboard with which you can quickly generate new effects results.

Chaotic Degraded Sounds

Regressif is a great free plugin for adding character to audio signals. This goes from subtle results with slight distortions to complete noise chaos and degradations. The LFOs also ensure that the effects have an organic timbre.

In 2017, when the first version of the plugin was released, I made a sound demo of it on my YouTube channel.

Not a big update but nice to see that the Regressif plugin is still being maintained.

Inear Display Regressif is available now as a free download. It runs as a 64-bit only VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information: Inear Display

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