2hp Released Cat Synthesis Module That Brings Cat Sounds In Your Eurorack System!

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No joke, the new 2hp Cat module brings versatile and unique cats sounds into your Eurorack system without sampling the meowing from them!

This news is not a first April joke! 2hp has released today Cat, a new Eurorack module that brings cat synthesis to your system. This new module can generate a wide range of cat sounds and timbres.

Anyone who has always dreamed of bringing cat sounds into their Eurorack system now has the option. This is a crazy and special development which is limited in number. Not a bad idea 2hp, congrats for this unusual sound generator module.

2hp Cat Eurorack module


For a limited time only, we’re bringing Cat Synthesis to Eurorack! This module generates cat sounds and timbres at an unprecedented level of detail and alive-ness. Use the Age control to morph your kitty from deep tones to high pitched screams. Mood chooses what type of sound is triggered ranging from meow, to purr, to hiss. In addition, accurate volt per octave tracking keeps this kitty in tune with the rest of your system!


  • Voltage controlled cat sounds
  • Cat synthesis
  • Accurate v/oct tracking
  • Available while supplies last
  • Meow

The 2hp Cat Eurorack module is available now for $99 USD while supplies last. No kitties were harmed in the making of this module!

More information here: 2hp

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