Adroit Synthesis releases a granular synth module for Voltage Modular

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Adroit Synthesis releases a granular synth module for Voltage Modular, giving you hands-on and virtual CV control over your grains.

Voltage Modular is a software modular synthesizer heavily inspired by the Eurorack format. The advantage of modular synths is the unlimited possibilities of how to build your signal flow. You can also bring together different synthesis forms in one patch, which is often not possible with many classic synths.

One of these is, for example, granular synthesis, which you can combine with VA, FM, wavetable, etc. With “Granular Synth,” there is a new impressive granular processor for Voltage Modular.

Adroit Synthesis

Adroit Synthesis Granular Synth

The new granular synth module inherits the basic concept of most granular sample-based synths. It works either with pre-recorded audio files that you can load into the module or with an input captured by the integrated recording functionality. This allows you to sample the current patch into the module in and use the sounds as a stereo source.

Once loaded or captured, the module’s internal buffer holds a segment of audio and generates the best-known grains. A waveform display shows you in real-time this buffer along with useful information about the stereo granular process.

The generation of a grain is called seeding, and this can be done at a regular rate, pseudo-randomly, or on receipt of an external trigger. Then, you can manipulate individual grains in various. Otherwise, it would be a bit boring. You can shift the content in pitch, adjust the level, set the grain size and playback direction, apply an envelope shape, adjust the reverb, etc. Features that may seem familiar if you’ve used other granular synths.

Granular Synth module also supports layering, so you can layer hundreds of grains on top of each other to create complex, lush textures known as a cloud. The module also features a built-in filter, compressor, and ADSR envelope with delay and loop functionality.

Automatic Transient Quantization

There is also an automatic transient quantization (ATQ) built-in that enables you to automatically slice a rhythmical sample into pieces and reassemble it in new ways. Because it is a module for Voltage Modular, the parameters also be modulated in a very complex way. Either with the internal random and periodic modulations or via external virtual CV from any other module. Like LFO, envelope, sequencer… modules in Voltage Modular.

Further, regular one volt per octave control of pitch shifting is available along with quantization to scales and chords. In addition, novel grain pitch sequencing features allow clouds to be easily organized to form granular chords.

The Granular Synth package also includes two supporting modules from the LSSP XL pack, including Chord, a chord generator, and Chord memory. These provide a means of generating chord and scale information for the synth’s quantization, arpeggiation, and granular chord facilities.

At first glance, an exciting granular module that can convince with its features and appearance. If you work a lot with Voltage Modular in your DAW, this module can be very tempting.

Adroit Synthesis Granular Synth is available now for $45 USD and runs in Voltage Modular Synthesizer plugin that is available as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin and standalone version.

More information here: Voltage Modular 

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