Beetlecrab Audio Tempera 2.0, granular synth gets new features via major firmware update

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Beetlecrab Audio Tempera is a multi-timbral granular Synthesizer; the new major firmware 2.0 update brings new features and improvements.

For the most part, granularity has only been explored in software Thanks to ever-better processors, numerous synths with high-resolution granular engines have come onto the market in recent years: Waldorf Iridium/Quantum, the GR-Mega, which is about to be delivered… A special one is the Tempera from the young Czech company Beetlecrab Audio.

Tempera is a multi-timbral synth, offering up to 4096 grains, 16 voices, up to 64 placed emitters per voice, and more. Using a newly developed touchpad, you can populate the mapped samples with grains and generate rich soundscapes. Firmware 2.0 is now available, which boosts the Tempera even further

Beetlecrab Audio Tempera 2.0

Beetlecrab Audio Tempera 2.0

Tempera 2.0 is out now, and it’s a free download. “It’s the biggest upgrade so far – like three packed into one,” says Andre Sklenar of Beetlerab Audio. The developers particularly emphasize the feedback they received from the community via their official Discord channel.

The new update 2.0 adds numerous new features that many have requested. First, you can now adjust the amount of effects applied to each emitter. This gives you more freedom to work with different timbres (percussive/tonal), and layering complex sounds has also become much

Then, they reworked the reverb and delay effects. The reverb now offers an all-new algorithm that provides richer and smoother reflections and faster diffuse properties—perfect for lush and wide harmony, the developers promise. On the other hand, the delay now has a dot mode and smoother filter coloring.

On the other side, the delay now has a dot mode, along with smoother filter coloring. The built-in modulation also got a major boost. Each voice can now handle up to ten modulators instead of five. That’s a big step forward. 

Also new is relative X and Y scrubbing. You can now easily grain-scrub in two dimensions across the touch grid surface. Next, the fun grain’s random detune function can now be quantized to fifths, octaves, or both, providing a natural shimmer or extra harmony.

Canvas Gallery

A highlight of the Beetlecrab Audio Tempera 2.0 update is the Canvas gallery. This is Tempera’s new preset format in which you can save your patch with the samples, parameter settings, etc. and share it with the community.

To highlight this, there will be a Canvas Gallery where you can download such presets. Plus, the new firmware brings a Canvas quicksave “shortcut” function, with which you can immediately save your project. Other new features are:

  • adjustable LED and emitter colors (personalize the look of your Tempera)
  • improved onboard keyboard with the new chromatic piano-like keyboard layout 
  • improved modulator visualization 
  • stable and reliable MIDI clock sync: improved clock BPM detection, etc.
  • new shortcut for emitter editing
  • new global MIDI channel parameter 
  • bug fixes and polishing 

First Impression

Version 2.0 is an impressive update. Tempera has received many great new features and is now more stable. I am looking forward to trying out the new features and seeing what the next Tempera steps will be.

The new Beetlecrab Audio Tempera 2.0 update is available now as a free download. Tempera is priced at 670€ + tax + shipping within the EU and $720 USD + shipping + import tax to the US. 

More information here: Beetlecrab Audio 

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  1. the update is not yet available for download – the site just has the same “coming soon” video with no link.

  2. The biggest change in 2.0 for me was the doubling of the modulator count from 5 to 10. So many things changing over time!

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