Benard Released Mega Bundle Volume 2 With 43 New Modules For Voltage Modular

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Cherry Audio has today released Benard Mega Bundle Volume 2, a new module collection for Voltage Modular Synthesizer plugin. It features 43 new modules including oscillators, complex modulators, sequencers and more.

The developer will add a few more modules for free in the near future. Tip: Voltage Modular is currently on sale with an up to 75% OFF

Benard Mega Bundle Vol2

Bernard Mega Bundle Vol. 2 Features

  • chaotic generators (Logistic Map, Lorenz Attractor, Quantussi Cell, LFO Matrix)
  • sound sources (Pluck, Additive Bell, Quad Oscillator)
  • drone and noise sources (Boolean Drone, Square Noise, Breakpoint Oscillator)
  • sequencers (trigger position sequencer, random choice)
  • utilities (map range, Precision Attenuverters, 3-Way Crossfader, Timer, Auto-Panner, Auto-Crossfader)
  • controllers (Sloth LFO, Slider Box, Octature LFO, Poly LFO, Mini Voltage Grid, Phase Offset Poly LFO)
  • a fixed filter bank
  • a quadraphonic panner (mono to quad circular panner)
  • a huge collection of unique polyphonic modules

Like Vol. 1, it greatly expands the possibilities of Voltage Modular and provides many powerful tools for synthesis, generative music, and noise and drone creation.

Benard Mega Bundle Volume 2 for Voltage Modular is available now for $130 USD. The Voltage Modular Summer Sale (up to 75% OFF) ends September 2nd, 2019.

More information here: Cherry Audio

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