WMD goes out of business with three limited-run modules: Legion, Subway and Orion

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WMD will go out of business by the end of the year (2022) with three limited-run modules: Legion analog oscillator, Subway scanning crossfader, and Orion unique phaser. 

We are currently living in difficult times. Especially when it comes to components for instruments. Today we received sad news from the USA. Now, it has hit the next well-known company. WMD has announced that it will cease operations by the end of the year. So another big player is leaving the Eurorack stage.

They celebrate the end with three big new limited-run modules. According to WMD, they will produce 600 units per module. Then it’s over.

WMD Legion Subway Orion

Legion: Roland Juno Alpha Inspired Oscillator

There are three new exciting WMD modules. Starting with Legion, a new SI2130 TZFM chip-based analog oscillator with a handy built-in digital calibration, so once you tune it, you’ll stay in tune. It hosts the classic waveforms you know from classic analog oscillators, including sine, tri, saw, and pulse. The tune works either in a fine or coarse mode and comes with a super handy locking functionality that locks unintentional movement again during a performance.

Then, you can work with PWM and thru-zero linear FM with an onboard attenuator for sharper sounds. There is also a separate exponential FM input. But WMD came up with even more ideas for their last analog oscillator. It includes a unique saw wave that is inspired by the Roland Alpha Juno Synthesizer with a unique “windows” functionality. It’s basically a negative pulse in the center of the saw wave that creates rich overtones to the saw. You can also shape the size of the windows by increasing and decreasing with pulse-width modulation. WMD promises that this adds teeth to the waveform.

Next to the Windows functionality, you can also get an analog supersaw called Swarm. Here, the core is a saw wave where seven DAC LFOs modulate the phase of multiple reset points. This creates the illusion of multiple saws being stacked on top of each other. This gives you the typical unison effect that is fully controllable. That’s not all. There is also a sub-oscillator with switchable octaves and waveforms (saw, triangle, square, and PW). Cool, the sub also reacts to the Thru-Zero FM.

According to WMD, the module has been developed very efficiently and thus consumes very little power in a case. The feature sounds very exciting. I’m looking forward to the demos.

WMD Subway


The second module is called Subway and is a 6HP scanning crossfader with 8 inputs and a single output. Each input has an on/off switch lets you decide how many signals are part of the line. In the next step, you can smoothly crossfade between these signals. It is compatible with both audio and control voltage making unique results possible: morphing waveshapes, complex modulations, etc. Find new sonic territories by combining multiple sounds and cycling through them at an audio rate.

WMD Orion


The third and last module of WMD is called Orion, a 4HP analog mono-mono/mono-stereo phaser effect module. The module allows the user to set the number of stages, the resonance, depth, range, and more. Orion also includes an internal LFO that ranges from mild to wild. Alternatively, you can control the effect using an external effect.

Orion can create smooth, warm effects or even cosmic swirls of spaced-out texture. There is something for everyone. Nice to see more phaser modules for Eurorack coming out.

WMD goes out of business

WMD – Go Out Of Business

In addition to the new exciting modules, there is also sad news from WMD. The company will go out of business at the end of the year 2022. They already have discounted many products, more will be shortly.

We also have some important and not so exciting news. Due to the state of the world, WMD is planning to wind down production and close by the end of the year. We have these new modules and a bit more stuff coming, but that’s all we can do. Please read the post linked in our bio before flooding the comments with questions.
Huge thanks to everyone that’s ever supported us, we appreciate it so, so much. We will be conducting biz as usual for the next few months, supporting products, firmware for Metron, attending Velocity, and Knobcon showing the new products and hanging with friends.

Freq Boutique and Patched Out will continue to happen as well. Come party with us tomorrow at Freq if you can! Get your orders in, lots of stuff is discounted right now, please help us push through the next few months so we can land as smoothly as possible.

WMD support

This is sad news that reaches us via their official Instagram. Another company with very talented developers is going out of business. WMD has always designed very exciting, performance-oriented modules, especially in the drum synth area. Their last sequencer Metron was also very exciting.

If you want to buy a WMD module, you should consider it now, because it can soon be too late. Thanks, WMD for all your creative developments, and good luck with your new ways wherever you go.

The new three WMD modules will be available soon: Legion $499 USD, Subway $269 USD, and Orion $239 USD. These will be a limited run (600 units each) and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

More information here: WMD 

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