How a heavy electric guitar sounds through a modular Synthesizer

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YouTubers Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon run a heavy electric guitar through a modular Synthesizer, the results are a sound design feast. 

When we talk about modular synthesizers, oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFOs, etc. are always part of it. However, if you really think modularly, you can easily break this scheme. It opens a new sound world by using other untraditional sound generators as “oscillators”.

Yes, also electric guitars that you can actually find at big rock/metal concerts where roaring spectators celebrate the riffs of the musicians. With so-called interface modules with built-in amplifiers, electric guitar signals can be brought to the Eurorack level. And so your modular synthesizer becomes a modular effect processor.

e-guitar modular synthesizer

Electric Guitar Meets Modular Synthesizer

YouTubers Andrew Huang and Robert Scallon have paired a heavy e-guitar with a big modular Synthesizer in new videos. The results are very exciting and fascinating. Especially when they start to modulate the signal.

It’s a bit of a shame that guitarists haven’t yet discovered the modular world for themselves. Patching different pedals is also modular work. However, pedals are limited to how deep you can dive in.  The big advantage of a modular Synthesizer is the possibility to animate parameters at will. The video also shows this very nicely with many examples. Lots of options that most pedals don’t have.

Come to the dark side, dear guitarists.

More information here: Andrew Huang Robert Scallon

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  1. lol. That sounds so incredibly awful. As the size of a modular system increases its useful music output decreases.

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