Lese Sweep, a free shephard tone inspired filter plugin

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Lese Sweep is a unique free sweeping filter plugin for macOS and Windows that is inspired by the shephard tone effect.

There is a new free plugin, one that is special. It’s a new filter plugin, no it’s not another Ladder emulation.

Sweep by Lese is a weeping filter that uses a special approach.

Lese Sweep

Lese Sweep

The core uses sophisticated mathematics and interconnected filters that are based on the same ideas as shephard tones and risset filters. The concept creates filtering effects that feel like they’re constantly going up and down. So an endless filtering effect.

The plugin gives you the ability to split the left and right channels and process them separately to create unusual stereo effects. It also offers curve-based band amplitude control for precise sound tweaking. It gives you a wide range of controls including speed, filters, Q, phase…

There is also a built-in fractal noise-based frequency randomization system that can be controlled with the random slider. It offers a vectorized, resizable interface so you can make it fit any screen size

Sweep looks like a unique free plugin for sound designers who want to dive deep into sounds.

Lese Sweep is available now as a free download and runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on both macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows.

More information here: Lese

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  1. The windows version contains a virus according to windows. i.e.: trojanwin32-sabsik-fl-aml/

    Too bad, this is an interesting idea for a plugin.

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