SynthFest France 2022: Lyli J and modular audio-visual artist BR Laser

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At SynthFest France 2022, French electronic musician and sound designer Lyli J performed with Austrian audio-visual artist BR Laser.

Last weekend was the SynthFest France 2022 in Nantes. The visitors could check out some exciting Synthesizer news at the festival You could also follow audio-visual performances throughout the day. A perfect event to explore the diversity of electronic music.

The French ambient electronic musician & Arturia sound designer Lyli J teamed up with the Austrian audio-visual artist BR Laser aka Bernhard Rasinger. He performs on an optimized system that combines a modular synth and state-of-the-art laser technology to create visuals.

The result is an impressive mixture of relaxed electronic music with hypnotic laser elements.

More information here: SynthFest France 2022   

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  1. “state-of-the-art laser technology” ?

    this are simple lissajous figures, the most basic stuff you cand do with an oscilloscope or a laser

    • he outputs the waves out of his modular synth and turns them into lasers with different colors. There is no computer software involved that outputs visuals. All the signals come from the modular. He uses a set of modules that works great with lasers. There is just a little set of modules that have a major impact on the final laser result like the Roland digital Eurorack modules.

      So simple as you write here, is this all not. Or maybe I’m wrong and you have a modular + laser project as well and you want to share your work.
      Here is another demo

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