IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro analog Synthesizer price drops under 510€ (40% OFF)

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The price of the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro analog paraphonic Synthesizer has dropped under 500€ (40% OFF) for a limited time

Update: the deal is back and is now 499€

In January 2021, IK Multimedia presented the UNO Synth Pro, the big brother of the UNO Synth, in a portable and classic keys version. In the in-depth test, the USP was able to convince with a fat analog sound, beautiful flexible dual filters, and excellent effects.

There was also criticism, for example, regarding the somewhat clumsy user interface. Many also said the starting price of €800 was too high. But it quickly fell to €699 and most recently €599 at many retailers (Thomann...) The price has now fallen significantly again.

UNO Synth Pro price drop

The UNO Synth Pro (keyboard) is currently available from Amazon.de for 490,56€, i.e. less than €500. That’s 40% less than the official starting price. I don’t know how long the price is available. Prices on Amazon fluctuate daily or even hourly. It may become more expensive again later in the day. I can’t guarantee the price, sorry. Update: Price is back to the usual one

The price/value facto, however, is here very good, almost excellent. It’s an analog Synthesizer packed with modern features.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro

UNO Synth Pro is a 3-voice paraphonic analog Synthesizer that features three continuously variable waveshape oscillators with PWM, sync, FM, and ring modulation. Due to the smooth waveform changes, they are basically analog morphing oscillators, which gives you very exciting in-between results.

Then, you get a dual filter setup where one is based on the new SSI filter chip and another is from the original UNO Synth. Both are super flexible, offer parallel and serial routing, and can be used in 24 modes. Here you can go beyond classic filtering and create your own filter timbres.

To give your sound the final touch, it comes with all-analog overdrive and three customizable digital effects slots with 12 studio-quality effects. Including chorus, delay, reverb, and more. Modulation side, you get two ADSR envelopes and two multi-wave LFOs which are controlled by an extensive modulation matrix.

UNO Synth Pro Amazon

Moreover, you will find a 64-step sequencer with automation available for almost all parameters as well as a solid arpeggiator. The synth lets you store sounds as presets in 256 user presets. Plus, you can also store sequencer patches right in the synth. For those who aren’t quite familiar with the interface, IK Multimedia ships the synth with a free standalone and plugin editor for macOS and Windows.

The connections are also anything but weak: balanced stereo outputs on two jacks, USB, MIDI In/Out, as well as a CV/Gate interface. On top, you get an audio input with which you can route signals to the analog filters, effects, or outputs. The full review is available here.

In-Depth Videos

I’ve linked my videos below where you can get a no-talking sound demo and an in-depth look at the oscillators, filters and effects.

Deal or Not Deal

For the current price (less than 500€), the UNO Synth Pro offers a hell of a lot: 3 oscillators, 2 filters, great effects… What more do you want. Yes, better optics and a nicer interface. But for this price, you get a great sounding analog synth with more options than current vintage clones.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro is available now for 490,56€ (Amazon.de)(Thomann 599€, Sweetwater $699,99 USD). The official IK price is 818,99€ including VAT.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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    • as I wrote: Amazon prices are constantly changing. This deal was available for several hours sorry

  1. This synth is one of those interesting cases where the technical specification is impressive yet there seems to be no character to the machine. Everything sounds very generic. Unexpected deep discounts often are a hint that either the machine will be discontinued or a new model is about to drop. We shall see!

  2. Bax-music.be has one in B-stock for 517,- currently. It comes with normal warranty.
    If you would have a 5% voucher somehow, you might get it even at 491,15 !

  3. I’ve ordered this one unit from Amazon, G.A.S.ed from your article 🙂
    It turned out to be a B-stock item, previously used but thankfully in perfect condition (the synth, not the packaging). Nevertheless I’m really happy with the UNO so far, great machine. Will replace my AFX Station 😉

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