Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate Collection 3 gives you Cherry Audio plugins & samples for 22,73€

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Humble Bundle has launched the Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate Collection 3 giving you Cherry Audio plugins, a DAW, and samples for 22,73€.

Humble Bundle is a website where you can games, software, e-books in “Humble Bundles” for special prices where a portion of the price is going towards charity. The platform is popular among gamers but less so among musicians. From time to time, however, the site also offers special bundles for music producers.

The Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate Collection 3 started last night and includes Cherry Audio plugins, standalone software products, and many sample library. For €22.73 (04:19 CET) you can get the whole bundle and can support a charity on top.

Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate Vol 3

Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate Collection 3

The new MSDLCC3 bundle features an interesting set of products for music producers. Highlights are definitely the plugins from Cherry Audio. It includes emulations of the Polymoog (Polymode, reg. $49), of the Roland Space Echo (Stardust 201 Tape Echo, reg. $29) or of the Realistic MG-1 Synthesizer (Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, currently free).

The bundle also comes with the Voltage Modular Ignite version which is a stripped down version of Voltage Modular Synthesizer with less modules, regularly available at $49 USD. Then, it includes the Windows-only Pianissimo Grand Piano VST plugin. It also features Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio and Mixcraft 8 Home Studio, two Windows-only digital audio workstation packed with features for your first music production.

Further the Sample library store Soundtrack Loops, known for high-quality sound content added 36 different sample libraries in the bundle. Plus, you get a $25 USD code for your next purchase.

A great bundle from Humble Bundle. The Cherry Audio plugins (Polymode, Tape Echo…) alone are worth the price of the whole bundle.

Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate Collection 3 is available for the 14 days. Pay at least 22,73€ to get all sound content.

More information here: Humble Bundle 

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