Cherry Audio Memorymode, Moog Memorymoog emulation with MPE

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With the Memorymode plugin, Cherry Audio shows an emulation of the legendary Moog Memorymog poly analog Synthesizer with MPE and other improvements.

Synthesizer emulations are probably the most popular projects among software developers. The number of vintage Synthesizer recreations currently on the market shows this very clearly. One of the big players in this area is the still-young company Cherry Audio, which has released many classics as software in the last few months. And all at a very good price.

The next emulation is now ready. To be more precise, this time the developers have emulated a legendary polyphonic analog Synthesizer from the past.

Cherry Audio Memorymode

Cherry Audio Memorymode

According to Cherry Audio, Memorymode is based on the legendary Moog Memorymoog polyphonic analog synthesizer from 1982. No samples are used here but the developers have modeled in detail a Memorymoog originally owned by Chick Corea. One thing is certain. With the emulation, you don’t have to worry about the hardware, neither tuning problems nor expensive repairs.

Like the original, Memorymode features a three-oscillator voice architecture with a precisely recreated ladder filter with selectable 12- and 24-dB/octave slopes. Cherry Audio has given its emulation more voices what is nice. Instead of the 6, there are now 16 voices of polyphony that you can play with. They also added a detunable unison mode where you can achieve up to 48 oscillators per key. So a single press on the key produces a tremendous sound wall. For additional analog realism, it also comes with a drift control.

In order to stay as close as possible to the original, two envelopes and an LFO form the modulation section. They added a bit of functionality by expanding the voice mod section with up to six simultaneous destinations as well as making the LFO tempo-syncable. A little modern update.

MPE Support

Memorymode also includes comprehensive MPE support as well as new studio-quality effects that push the sound in new directions. You get a phaser, ensemble, delay with tempo sync, and a reverb processor. Further, it offers an improved single-key chord memory mode. Cherry Audio has packed all of this into a very authentic-looking GUI that also works on high-resolution screens. And the plugin has full MIDI and DAW automation support for all controls.

The plugin ships with a library of over 600 presets from best-known sound designers including J3PO and Venus Theory.

An interesting emulation because there are currently not many Memorymoog emulations out there. Alternatively, there is the Memorymoon version which sounds very good and also costs little. I’m curious how the Memorymode from Cherry Audio will perform.

Cherry Audio Memorymode is available now for $39 USD and runs on macOS and Windows as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin. No native M1 support yet but it’s compatible via Rosetta 2.

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