Do Not Miss These Deals On Flagship Synthesizer Plugins For Black Friday

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On Black Friday are many so-called flagship Synthesizer plugins from well-known companies on sale with major discounts, we have found them

If you have not noticed yet, it’s Black Friday or even the day when your mind likes to jam in from of so many offers. It is also these days where you as a music producer can purchase so-called flagship Synthesizer very cheap. Flagship Synthesizers are the ones that are used a lot in music studios but also those that offer a lot of features (synthesis types…) in a plugin.

First of all, there is not a huge offer on Xfer Serum or Omnisphere 2. There are some US-based shops that offer 10% or 15% off on boxed versions of O2 but not on downloads. However, there are discounts on other Flagship Synthesizer plugins that need to know here.

Falcon-2_GUI SynthMaster-large Synapse-Audio-Dune-3-overview-700x473 uhe-zebra2-screenshot-fullui-1150x800 Avenger_UI_1_PluginBoutique Tone2 Icarus 2 Reveal-Sound-Spire-1.1.13-700x410 Native-Instruments-Massive-X-1.1.5-dark reaktor6-472 Arturia V-Collection 7 Phase Plant - Render
If you want modular synthesis and more, the NI Reaktor 6 will not pass you. Play with modules, design your own or download one of the thousands of free patches from the user library. Now 50% OFF

And here are the deals. Full disclosure: SYNTH ANATOMY use affiliate/partner links to finance the activity, pay bills… and so that we can publish “fearless gear reviews” without being dependent on companies. Thanks for your support.

UVI Falcon 30% OFFUVI
KV331 Audio Synthmaster53% OFFPlugin Boutique
Synapse Audio Dune 327% OFFThomann
LennarDigital Sylenth130% OFFLennarDigital
U-he Zebra 2.930% OFFThomann
Vengeance Sound VPS50% OFFPlugin Boutique
Tone2 Icarus + Free v2 Update44% OFFThomann (exclusive)
Reveal Sound Spire31% OFFPlugin Boutique
NI Massive X50% OFFNative Instruments
NI Reaktor 650% OFFNative Instruments
Arturia V-Collection 740% OFFPlugin Boutique
Thomann (cheaper)
Kilohearts Phase Plant + Pro Bundle41% OFFPlugin Boutique

And the best deals on hardware Synthesizer, you can find here

Black Friday Deals

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