Sputnik Modular Variable Waveform Generator, an analog oscillator with a Buchla soul

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Sputnik Modular Variable Waveform Generator is an advanced Buchla-style analog oscillator with a plethora of wave designing capabilities.

For a long time it was quiet around the Eurorack manufacturer Sputnik Modular. The musicians that are deeper into the Eurorack communities know that the ownership has changed. The last owner was no stranger. It was Roman Filippov who passed on his activity to devote himself to his current company, Black Corporation.

After a long break, Sputnik Modular is back under new ownership. They have today released the Variable Waveform Generator, a new analog waveshaping oscillator with a tons of shaping options.

Sputnik Modular Variable Waveform Generator

Sputnik Modular Variable Waveform Generator

The Variable Waveform Generator (18HP) is an analog triangle core oscillator that takes inspiration from Buchla synthesizers. It has four main waveform generators (pulse, sine, saw, and triangle),and a sub generator. Each offers 1V/oct pitch tracking and dedicated audio outputs. The strengths of this oscillator are its deep waveshaping capabilities for each waveform that you can mix together giving you super rich wave content.

Let’s start with square waveform that offers PWM with a selection of edge to edge to center modulation. You can manually control it with the slider or animate it CV with attenuation. Then, the sine has an CV-controllable wavefolder that can output either a clean or a wavefolded signal with symmetrical or asymmetrical characteristics. Here you get the typical, harmonic rich sounds you know from Buchla synthesizers.

Next to this, you get a saw generator with a unique animate parameter with CV control. It allows you to shift it in a super-saw style waveform with two or three saw waves. There is also a triangle waveform output with a dedicated slider for add even or odd harmonics thanks to the built-in drive circuits. Lastly, you can add a pulse sub-oscillator with tracking one or two-octaves below.

Hard Sync!

Another highlight is the hard sync support. A functionality that you doesn’t find in typical triangle core oscillators with soft sync. Besides the shaping options per waveform, the Variable Waveform Generator offers both linear and exponential FM with CV control. Further, you can turn the VCO easily in a LFO with a click on the switch.

DivKid has a video online where he demonstrates 19 advanced oscillator patch techniques with the new Sputnik modular module.

First Impression

Very nice to see that Sputnik Modular is back in the Eurorack market. And directly with such a big oscillator module, with which you can delve very deeply into wave designing.

Sputnik Modular Variable Waveform Generator is available now for $379 USD.

More information here: Sputnik Modular

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