Numerical Audio Popsicle FX, new delicious-sounding multi-fx app for iOS AUv3

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Numerical Audio Popsicle FX is a multi-fx app for iOS (AUv3) packed with 23 algorithms controllable with an XY pad with motion recording.

Numerical Audio better known as Kai Aras among iOS musicians is a German developer of high-quality modern iOS music apps. My personal highlights are the RE-1 Tape Machine or the Agonizer. A very wild bass Synthesizer with tons of wave shaping fun that he developed together with YouTuber Jakob Haq.

Popsicle FX is Kai Aras latest release premiered today. It is a feature-rich multi-fx processor for iOS with a feature set that makes sound sculpting on the fly possible.

Numerical Audio Popsicle FX

Numerical Audio Popsicle FX

Popsicle is a new multi-effects processor app for iOS that is packed with tons of inspiring algorithms and creative features. The interface, as in the last Numerical Audio releases, is very colorful and is very reminiscent of hardware interface controls, which I like very much.

The engine is built around 2 independent stereo effects engines with a total of 24 different effect algorithms. Each of them has a fixed number of parameters with which you can fine-tune the effect. Available are the following

  • different filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, morphing, comb)
  • delays (echo, BPM, short, reverse)
  • stutter effect
  • modulation effects (chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, vibrato)
  • distortions (bit-crusher, distortion, fuzz)
  • pitch shifter
  • different reverbs (plate, hall, mod)

The effect engines gives you the option to use them in series, parallel or in split mode. In the latter, one effect is affecting the left channel and the other the right channel. Then, it hosts a performance-oriented XY pad capable of controlling one or more fx parameters per axis. For the ultimate morphing fun, you can record the motion of the XY pad and play it back. Either in free mode or with the host tempo.

Further ,if you want to go deeper, you can enter advanced mode. This unlocks a versatile modulation engine with an additional LFO and envelope follower powered by a mighty mod matrix. With this, you can create very advanced, dynamic effects in no time. Plus, you can set the audio input and output on the bottom of the app.


Yes, Popsicle FX is a standalone app but also an AUv3 plugin for iOS making it possible to run multiple instances in a production. Our beloved iOS specialist Jakob Haq aka haQ attaQ did a comprehensive overview of the app on his channel.

Congrats Kai, an app that I like instantly. From the features but also from the design, very inspiring multi-effects processor. Great release.

Numerical Audio Popsicle FX is available now for an introductory price of $7,99 USD (reg. $12,99 USD) until March 30th, 2022 on the Apple AppStore. It runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in standalone and as an AUv3 plugin.

More information here: Numerical Audio (App Store)

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