McDSP EC-300 Echo Collection plugin, FREE download for a limited time

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McDSP EC-300 is an echo plugin with three distinct delay types (magnetic, digital, analog) and tons of sonic capabilities, for a limited time you can download it for free.

You can never have enough delay plugins. Each has its own character and sound spectrum. A delay plugin is even more of a must-have when it’s free of charge. Today have good news for you.

McDSP is offering their EC-300 Echo Collection plugin (worth $79 USD) as a free download for a limited time.

McDSP EC-300

McDSP EC-300

The EC-300 is a new effect plugin that brings the sound of dozens of echo and chorus effects into a single plugin. It consists of three distinct delay types including magnetic, digital, and analog. They give you plenty of user controls, character modes, visual feedback and a high-quality sound experience thanks to McDSP’s nearly two decades of gear modeling experience.

Each EC-300 delay type features additional character modes to create new and unique timbres. They also includes adjustable saturation, wow and flutter, delay output ducking, in-loop filter, EQ, and level controls at the input and output stages. Then, you can also tweak the following parameters:

  • feedback: when creating echo effects, the amount each delay on the EC-300 is fed back into the other can add some complex variation for believable ambient, textured effects.
  • stereo width: there are the width, offset and spread controls with which you can set set up the stere field of the EC-300 in different ways
  • SIMs – the complex processing of the SIM really enhances the range of flange, chorus, and echo effects achievable in the EC-300, unlike any other delay available.

EC-300 plugin can run in single, dual, and ping-pong modes. There is also an option to sync the delay time to your session playback or to tap it to the tempo.

A nice echo plugin from the modeling specialists of McDSP. Above all, the fact that it is currently free makes it even more interesting. However, the iLok (hard/cloud) obligation maybe casts a shadow over it.

McDSP EC-300 is available as a free download for a limited time from this e-mail signup form. Fill it out and the EC-300 will be added to your card for free. The download link and the iLok code are delivered to you after completing the checkout. Yes, it requires an iLok account, either the hardware dongle or the iLok cloud.

The plugin runs as an VST3, AU, and AAX DSP/native in mono, stereo, and mono-to-stereo versions

More information here: McDSP

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