u-he MFM2 2.5 update is out now: more feedback, granular, and more

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The new u-he MFM2 2.5 update with a new GUI, new feedback options incl. granular… is now in beta and what is the new CLAP plugin all about?


The wait is finally over. A year ago, U-He announced the MFM2 2.5 update. Now it’s finally out and it’s free for existing customers. What a great gift from U-he to its MFM2 customers.


Article December 16th, 2021

At Superbooth 21, U-he showcased a big free update for the MFM2 plugin. A delay/echo plugin with a very flexible signal path focusing on creative feedbacks.

Version 2.5 is new everywhere. Thanks to the updated GUI and the umpteen new features and engine improvements, it can be seen as a new plugin. The first open beta is now available for testing on the KVR Audio forum.

U-he MFM2 2.5

u-he MFM2 2.5

I had the chance to play the MFM2 2.5 version on the booth of u-he at Superbooth 21. At first I thought it’s a new Synthesizer plugin from Urs. But I was wrong. It’s massive update for one of the first plugins that Urs Heckmann developed. The new user interface is lovely and makes the effect processor much more clearer and simpler.

The four delays now come in two groups to make it more intuitive. For each group, you get a new input section with gain, transient, and a filter. The gain functionality is nice as it opens up new sounds like stutter modulated effects. A transient designer is also onboard that gives you more flexibility on how to apply the delay effect. Either on the whole sound, only on the transients, or free of transients.

They also added a new matrix that groups the delay with a color-coding system. So you can see directly in which relation they are. Another highlight are the new feedback effects including a new granular pitch shifter and a diffuser effect. The latter is based on a network of all-pass filters and is capable of generating endless reverbish sounds. Urs and his team also added a new preset browser known from other updated U-he releases.

More Is More

That’s not all. Also it ships with

  • native Apple Silicon (M1) support,
  • macOS Monterrey compatibility
  • added meters for delay lines
  • improved filters
  • support for Oddsound MTS-ESP
  • improved handling of junction links on Windows
  • preferences and MIDI learn section added
  • VST3 support
  • ….

First Look

Here is a in-depth first look on the new MFM2 2.5 update with Urs Heckmann from Superbooth 21. At that time in an alpha version.

CLAP Plugin-Format

In addition to the beta release, Urs Heckmann teases a new plugin format development in collaboration with other music tech companies including Bitwig. It seems it is an open source plugin format with new ideas but he does’t reveal much about it:

It’s a new open-source plug-in format we are co-developing with Bitwig and some other collaborators. It’s still very much work in progress right now. We hope to have a working beta version available in the coming months. Stay tuned. A safety net, an opportunity and something possibly a lot better in many ways than the status quo. Even if it never picks up, it will still be useful for us. Also, what’s not to like about an open standard which does not require a vetting process, a law degree or learning a new language to get started?

The MFM2 update looks amazing. I think I got the plugin with the Black Friday discount at the right moment. Looking forward to play around with it.

MFM2 2.5 will be available for 99€/$99 USD. The price for MFM2, however, will stay at 79€ during the beta period and will raise to 99€ for the official release in early 2022. The beta version is available on the KVR Audio forum. 

More information here: u-he

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    • This is just an update of an existing article from 2021. I wrote already all the main points so I just update it with the news that it’s out now

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