GuDa Audio Eko, an evolving echo plugin with chorus, tape flutter, filtering, and saturation

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GuDa Audio Eko echo plugin (macOS/Windows) uses chorus, tape flutter, filtering, and saturation for constantly, evolving character. 

There is a useful delay plug-in in every DAW. Often simpler ones with which you can create classic effects. One of the reasons why the trend is towards delays with special properties. Like tape delays, granular delays, etc. A lot of things that don’t work with bread and butter plugins.

GuDa Audio is an indie developer with a range of unique plugins and the latest release is an advanced multi-flavoured delay plugin.

GuDa Audio Eko

GuDa Audio Eko

Eko is a stereo delay/echo plugin focusing on constantly evolving echo timbres. It features three modes including stereo, cross stereo and ping. Stereo width allows you to control the left right timing offset and width of ping pong from center to hard panned sides.

To make this movement possible, Eko has a number of other inspiring features. Starting with tape flutter that emulates the classic unstable tape echo for a moving timbre. With the mild saturation, you can add some grid, warmth to your sound.

Then, you can introduce a chorus effect to bring width to your sounds. At high settings, it can take the echo into reverb fields. Additionally, you can tweak the character with the color knob aka EQ. Thus, you can modify the lows or highs for the classic filtered echo sounds. There is also a handy ducking functionality that consists of a side-chained compressor.

Further, you can adjust the GUI size (25% to 200%) and modify the colors of it. The developer does not currently offer a sound demo of the plugin. Nonetheless, an interesting, easy-to-use delay plugin with a lot of functionality. And at a very low price


GuDa Audio Eko is available now for $19USD/19€ and runs as a VST/VST3 on macOS (M1/Intel) and Windows.

More information here: GuDa Audio

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