Erica Synths donates its income from the Music for Peace campaign to Ukraine

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Erica Synths has started the Music For Peace campaign where they donate all the income from a series of Eurorack modules and pedals to Ukraine.

The situation in Ukraine is terrible. We are constantly receiving news about people fleeing the war zone and leaving their homes to find peace in another country. In order to help these people on site but also afterwards, they need help.

Erica Synths, based in Riga (Latvia) which shares a border with Russia and Belarus, has launched a very welcome Music For Peace campaign. They will donate all of its income, both manufacturing costs and profit, from a range of Eurorack modules and pedals to support the people of Ukraine.

Erica Synths Music For Peace

The donations will be made to, Latvia’s biggest charity agency. Erica Synths says that they will be completely transparent about all the payments made. A big and important move that Erica Synths has set here. I hope we will see more such campaigns from music tech companies.

Erica Synths Music For Peace

Erica Synths says:

The crisis in Ukraine is creating horrific casualties and displacing tens of thousands of people – for us, this is not only a matter of politics, but a question of humanity. We strongly feel, that no person deserves to endure the terror of war.

Every action taken and euro donated helps those in need – providing people with food, clothing, fuel and shelter is the least the rest of us can do. Our hearts go out to all of the people who have lost their homes and loved ones, those who have suffered injury or death and those who are forced to re-build their lives in exile

Erica Synths continues to stand with the people of Ukraine and we will donate all of the income – both manufacturing costs and profit – from our sales of several instruments to humanitarian aid organizations helping in Ukraine and providing support where it is needed the most.

Donations will be made via the biggest charity agency in Latvia – and for full transparency we will publicly inform about the donations made. This will involve the following instruments

Erica Synths Music For Peace


Buying these instruments supports the Erica Synths Music For Pray campaign and Ukraine:

  • Black Digital Noise, an advanced noise generator
  • Black Dual EG/LFO – compact module with advanced envelope and LFO modulators
  • Sequential Switch II 
  • Graphic VCO
  • Gamechanger Audio Plasma Drive, an innovative distortion effect module
  • Snazzy FX effects pedals
    • Mini Ark: analog modulation for any audio source
    • Wow & Flutter: delay with tape saturation
    • Tracer City: unique guitar synth & tracking pedal

The campaign will be on-going until all stock is sold out and ABSOLUTELY ALL INCOME will be donated.

If you don’t need these modules, but are willing to donate something, I would be happy if you do this for example to the Red Cross.

More information here: Erica Synths 

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  1. Respect! Erica Synths are a great company with killer modules. I sold my Plasma Drive several months ago but miss it quite a bit. It was so grungy and unique. I loved using it with thick bass sounds plus it had a white noise “static” character with the treble increased.

    May this war end soon.

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