NUX NDD-7 Tape Echo, new Roland Space Echo inspired delay pedal

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NUX NDD-7 Tape Echo, new stereo echo effect pedal with hands-on controls & built-in looper that pays tribute to the legendary Roland Space Echo

I’m a big fan of effects pedals. I like to use small but also large ones with a lot of functions. But it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive ones that you can have a lot of fun with. I recently experienced this with the NUX Tape Core Deluxe. A delay/echo pedal modeled after the Roland Space Echo with stereo output for affordable 66€.

For the price, the Tape Core Deluxe offers a lot of hands-on functionality but also deeper ones that can be easily accessed via an editor. In terms of sound, it harmonizes very nicely with synthesizers. It seems NUX is working on a sequel named NDD-7 Tape Echo. There are no sound demos yet, but the features are tempting.

NUX NDD-7 Tape Echo

NUX NDD-7 Tape Echo

Interesting side note: it has been known for a few days that Boss (Roland) will be launching the RE-2 Space Echo in the near future. Just before the official release, NUX comes with its interpretation of the Space Echo. Coincidence or planned, who knows.

The upcoming NDD-7 Tape Echo is a tribute to the Roland Space Echo from 1974. It is based on the Core-Image technology that captures and emulates the unique signal processing concept of the original unit. It runs at a sampling rate of 48kHz, the A/D converters works with 32 bits, and processing is also 32 bits.

Unlike the NUX Tape Core Deluxe, there are significantly more hardware controls available: bass, treble, time (repeat rate), repeat (intensity), level (echo volume) and reverb volume. With a short press and hold the select button, you get access to classic physical features like wow, flutter, saturation, kill dry, and expression.

There is also a self-generate, self-oscillation to get an infinite feedback by holding the ON foot switch. You can also achieve a long delay with up to 1600ms using the tap tempo.

NUX Tape Echo

Looper & Editor

The NDD-7 also features a looper (SOS mode). In this mode, the ON foot switch works as rec/play/dub functions for the phrase looper. It gives you a maximum recording time of 40 seconds in stereo with the option to modify parameters in the loop. The pedal now has a small display which gives you feedback of the looper and parameter values, probably.

Like on the Tape Core Deluxe, NUX also ships it with an editor with which you can modify the parameters, set the MIDI CCs, and more.

One of the weaknesses of the first, especially for synth players, is the mono to stereo signal path. It seems you get now a stereo input and output with two mono jacks. Further, it also features MIDI support with MIDI CC via 3.5mm MIDI in/out sockets on the back side. Hello TRS/MIDI adapters.

There is currently no sound demo of the new NUX pedal. But some time ago I tested the “predecessor” of it the Tape Core Deluxe with the Novation Peak Synthesizer. An echo pedal that is a lot of fun for little money.

NUX Tape Core Deluxe Demo

I’m very curious how the new NDD-7 will sound. I’m a big fan of the Tape Core Deluxe and if this is just as good then the big brother will be a pedal highlight not just for guitar players.

NUX NDD-7 Tape Echo will be available by the end of July and will be around £142.

More information here: NUX 

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