Wampler Metaverse, a hands-on stereo multi-delay with 11 delay types plus free plugins

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Wampler Metaverse is a new stereo multi-delay with 11 different delay types all programmable with an easy-to-use interface plus 11 free plugins. 

Pedals have something in common with Eurorack modules. Both are very addictive and you can’t get enough of them. With pedals, especially if they are delay or reverb pedals.

Wampler introduced the Metaverse stereo delay today, which could also be exciting in combination with synthesizers.

Wampler Metaverse

Wampler Metaverse

Metaverse is a new feature-packed multi-delay with 11 different algorithms developed by Brian Wampler. It’s all digital and works at a 48 kHz sampling rate, 24 bits, and transmits the signal from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The pedal is completely stereo and offers full MIDI control as well as presets.

There are 11 different algorithms, all with a continuous range of 25 to 2000 milliseconds. Except for the TAPE program, which starts at 40 ms. Each algorithm can be shaped using five parameters including delay, feedback, tone, mod, and mix. You can select the algorithm using the big switch on the left side of the pedal.

A big advantage: the pedal is very hands-on and has no screen to navigate through endless menus

11 Delay Algorithms

  • ANLG: analog-style delay (1980s/similar to the Boss DM-2)
  • WET: modulated analog delay
  • BBD: bucket brigade delay (1970s/similar to the Memory Man Deluxe)
  • JET: analog-style flanger delay
  • DOC: Wampler “The Doctor”
  • FTE: Wampler “Faux Tape Echo”
  • ETH: Wampler “Ethereal Delay”
  • MOD: digital flanger delay
  • SPC: Space Echo delay
  • TAPE: multi-head tape delay inspired by the Binson Echorec
  • DIGI: digital delay like the TC Electronic 2290

Wampler Metaverse Backside

Then the delay can be used either with the controls on the pedal or via MIDI. The pedal comes with 8 pre-installed presets but has up to 128 presets for your own creations. Connection side, you get stereo input/output on two mono inputs, MIDI on minijack sockets, expression pedal input as well as a trails switch.

Wampler Metaverse plugins

Free Plugins

For musicians who opt for the Metaverse pedal, Wampler gives them 11 effect plugins for free that give you all the algorithms of the hardware for your DAW. Alternatively, you can purchase them in a plugin bundle.

Looks like a very solid, feature-rich stereo delay. I like that it’s very hands-on

Wampler Metaverse pedal is available now for $349,97 USD/349€ and ships with 11 free VST3/AU delay plugins. Non-pedal customers can purchase them in a plugin suite for $49,99 USD.

More information here: Wampler 

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