Arcaico Zaar, new 4-voice analog percussion Synthesizer module for Eurorack

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Arcaico packs four characterful analog percussion voices with mixing and filtering options into a nice looking, handmade Eurorack module named Zaar. 

The Eurorack module world is very colorful and varied. There are releases from big players but also small companies that you may never have heard of. At Arcaico, I’m almost certain this is the case for a lot of people. Arcaico is an independent developer from Italy that manufactures its modules and pedals by hand.

Already in 2020 I reported about a very dirty, analog multi-effects module that offers a VCA, VCF, distortion, and BBD-style delay in a single module. In the meantime, a few more modules have been added, always with a raw sound concept. Today Arcaico introduced Zaar, a percussion Synthesizer module with 4 voices.

Arcaico Zaar

Arcaico Zaar

Zaar is a 4-voice analog percussion module for Eurorack. The interface of the module is black with a few accents. The design is very classic but very appealing to me. A bit like the Erica Synths modules. The core consists of four analog voices with a built-in mix with pan control, filter, stereo output and independent outputs for voices. Attention, the latter are not controlled by the pan, filter and level.

Each Voice has a slightly different analog core. Starting with voice 1 that gives you pitch control, sensitivity input and envelope. There is a gate/trigger in, external envelope control in , cv pitch, and audio output. If you use the audio input, the voice acts as a filter otherwise it is calibrated to achieve percussive sounds.

Voice 2 has controls for the pitch, pitch decay, depth and a decay envelope. Also here, you have a dedicated trigger in external envelope control in, CV pitch and audio output. The core of the voice 3 is based on a white noise generator with a decay envelope control. If you use an audio input, it becomes a distorted VCA. You get a trigger input, external envelope control in, and an external audio input.

Voice 4 and the last one is based on a pink noise with a decay envelope and with the same inputs and output as on the voice 3. Yes, also here it can be become a distorted VCA.

Arcaico Zaar

Further, you have on the right side a built-in mixer with volume and pan control for each voice. That’s handy. Next to it are the outputs for the respective voices but without impact of the pan, filter and level controls. Zaar also hosts a CV-controllable filter that can be assigned to the voice control 2,3,4. Last step of the audio chain is a stereo output.

According to Arcaico, Zaar is capable of creating percussive sounds but also bass lines and synth sounds.

At first glance an exciting drum voice module. Sonically, it fits in with the rest of the developer’s module lineup. A little rougher, dirtier and full of character.

Arcaico Zaar is available now for 270€ from the official web shop.

More information here: Arcaico

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