Arcaico Warhorse, A Dirty Analog Multi-Effect Module Made In Collaboration With Scuderia

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Meet Warhorse, the latest module from Arcaico, a characterful analog multi-effects Eurorack module with built-in VCA, VCF, distortion, and BBD-style delay 

Arcaico has introduced Warhorse, a slightly different multi-effect processor for Eurorack or in pedal format. Many current multi-effect modules are digital, but this is analog, raw, and has a lot of character. It fuses a VCA, VCF,  a distortion unit, and a delay in one modular. This is created in collaboration with the underground techno label Scuderia from Italy.

The module is assembled in THT technology with passive welded “point-to-point” components, composed of VCA, VCF, distortion and delay all connected internally.

Arcaico Warhorse

Raw, Dirty & Characterful

Everything starts with a VCA in the input section that includes a distortion unit. Then the signal moves into an analog filter (VCF) that is inspired by the famous WASP multimode filter with lowpass, bandpass, highpass & notch. The WASP is known not to be the smoothest, clear sounding filter but one that sounds snappy and dirty. So very suitable for this module. Two inputs are onboard that allows you to control the frequency with positive and negative voltages.

The delay section is based on hybrid technology (digital/analog) that reproduces the classic vintage BBD/echo tape delay. The delay time range goes from 0.05ms to 1.1sec. The CV control of the delay time gives the possibility to create unpredictable repetitions, while the loop on/off button loops the last repetition. The feedback is characterized by a control knob that gives the possibility to darken or lighten the repetitions.

In both demos, you can clearly hear that this is a special effect module. Perfect for warming up, distorting or destroying signals. Warhorse is also available as a pedal version. This is self-powered and includes an extra bypass button plus additional in/out jack connections to interface it with external instruments or integrate it into your pedal setup.

Arcaico Warhorse is available now for a limited time for 240€.

More information here: Arcaico

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