Magerit Metro, multi-algorithm drum voice with built-in Euclidean sequencer

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Meet Metro, a new 6-channel multi-algorithm drum voice with a built-in euclidean sequencer for Eurorack from the Spanish developers of Magerit.

The Eurorack market is one of the fastest growing in the music tech industry. Almost every week you hear about a new young company that is coming up with modules on the market. Magerit from Spain is one of those companies that has only recently released modules.

They presented a first big highlight today. Metro is out now and is a 6 channel drum voice in a 13HP module.

Magerit Metro

Magerit Metro

Metro is a new powerful drum Synthesizer voice (13HP) for Eurorack with a built-in rhythmic sequencer. The module features six channels (slots) into which you can load a drum model. There are 11 newly developed unique algorithms including 3 bass drums, 2 snares, 2 tom-toms, 2 cymbals, a string generator and hand claps one.

Each model comes with a wide range of parameters which can be changed easily on the module. Plus, you can adjust the volume and pan of each instrument individually. Nice, you can also save your settings in the module so you won’t lose your sounds after your session.

We are talking about modular synthesis here, so it is appropriate that the parameters can also be modulated. This is the case here. The parameters including the tempo are fully assignable and lets you control them manually or via the CV inputs. You can also modify the trigger inputs for each channel and choose their response type: trigger or accent.

Magerit Metro

Euclidean Sequencer

In addition to the many unique drum algorithms, Metro also has an intuitive, mighty sequencer section. There are two sequencers available. The Euclidean sequencer allows you to play with mathematical proportions and generate versatile patterns. Perfect for complex, groovy rhythms. The second is a classic step sequencer.

Both sequencers are fully configurable with the number of steps, ratios, and more. And of course, they are available in each channel. So you have a complete drum Synthesizer in a 13HP module which surpasses the sound versatility of many classic drum machines.

Further, Magerit Metro has a echo and reverb (length of 2 seconds) effect processor to make your sounds stadium ready.

A very exciting drum module that offers a lot. It’s nice that you have 6 channels and the sequencer in one compact module. Thus you don’t need a separate sequencer. Ideal for compact setups. And the price of the module is also very fair.

Magerit Metro is available now for 200€ (excl. VAT) or 242€ (with VAT) + shipping from Spain.

More information here: Magerit 

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