AMSynths SN-101, the analog SH-101 filter in a Eurorack module

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AMSynths pulls the analog filter out of the legendary Roland SH-101 and packs it into a standalone SN-101 filter module for Eurorack.

Another clone/replica dose at the end of the month? This time not from that specific company but from one of their developers who also publish his own modules. Rob Keeble, known for the 2500 and 2600 replicas, releases handcrafted modules in small batches based on circuits from the past.

His latest release is a whole series of modules based on the Roland SH-5. His newest module brings the SH-101 filter into the Eurorack.

AMSynths SN-101

AMSynths SN-101 Filter

The SN-101 filter is an authentic reproduction aka clone/replica of the Roland SH-101 filter circuit for Eurorack. Like on the original, it is a lowpass filter implemented with cutoff and resonance sliders. Yes for the sliders. I would love to see more module designs with sliders.

Then, it has two inputs with an attuenuator for the level B. There is a dedicated envelope input, that can also be inverted , with a modulation depth knob. The SN-101 filter also has a separate LFO input and a keyboard input for modulation scaling.

There is currently no sound demo for the module. So we don’t get a first impression of the sound and how close it is to the original. I’m almost certain that Rob Keeble’s version is very close to the original though. He already showed with his other clones/replica how good they sound.

AMSynths will be available in April (shipping) and will cost between £115-£140.

More information here: AMSynths 

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