AMSynths replicates the Roland SH-5 Synthesizer in Eurorack

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AMSynths replicates the features and sound of the Roland SH-5 analog Synthesizer and puts them in a range of classic Eurorack modules.

Already on Monday I reported about the new AMSynths modulation module based on the Roland SH-5 Synthesizer from 1976. And that Rob Keeble is working in close collaboration with Behringer on the MS-5,  an authentic clone/replica of this iconic Roland synth.

I mentioned that there are other modules in the series. For completeness, here is an overview of all current SH-5-based modules.

AMSynths Roland SH-5 Eurorack

AMSynths SH-5 Eurorack Modules

So far there are six different modules. A seventh, the AM8002, a mixer with the built-in ring modulation is full in development.

Starting with the smallest, the AM8001 (4HP) which is an interface module for uses with the VCO and ADSR modules. It provides two channels of external CV and Gate inputs that connect to the 16-pin Doepfer power bus, using Pin 13+14 and Pin 15+16.

Then, the AM8008 is an authentic reproduction of the SH-5 oscillator. The circuit is close to the original except for a new Tempco based matched transistor pair rather than the obsolete headed uA726 chip. The module offers a pitch potentiometer, range selection from from 2′ to 32′, a choice of four waveforms (triangle, sawtooth, square, pulse), modulation depth and pulse width as well as 5 jack sockets. Interesting, the VCO derives its frequency from the Doepfer keyboard bus, which can be switched off.

The AM8005 offers a unique diode ladder VCF with three different modes including lowpass, band pass and high pass. It has an internal A/B mixer and three CV inputs to modulate the frequency, and more. AM8007 is a replica of the ADSR and AR envelopes used in the Roland SH-5 from 1976. It use transistors to switch between the various phases of the envelope generator and a JFET transistor to act as an output buffer. There are also positive and negative outputs for each envelope.

Further, we have the AM8010 which replicates the VCA of the Roland SH-5. It is based around the CA3080 OTA chip with panning control and dual output. The latest release is the AM8009 that offers a reproduction of the modulation section including two LFOs, noise, and S&H. Full article is available here.

These AMSynths modules are exciting for anyone looking for an affordable way to get the sound and features of the Roland SH-5 in Eurorack. Now a Waldorf KB-37 keyboard and so you have a modular SH-5 replica.


Availability is currently a little more difficult. Few modules are available, others are in production but undated. There are also older modules where you don’t know if they will come back. But the release of the modulation module and the mixer are a good sign that the others are coming back

AMSynths AM8001 is available now for £35. The AM8005 TBA, the AM8007 for £125, the AM8008 for £160 and AM8009 for £125 are available soon.

More information here: AMSynths 

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