AMSynths AM8009, the Roland SH-5 LFOs, noise, and S&H for Eurorack

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AMSynths AM8009 replicates the LFOs, noise and S&H sections of the Roland SH-5 monophonic Synthesizer and puts them in a Eurorack module.

As already known, Behringer is working on an authentic clone/replica of the Roland SH-5 analog synthesizer (1976) named MS-5. Rob Keeble, who has already helped to develop the replica/clone of the ARP 2600 or the 2500, is also again on board.

Not only does he pass on his knowledge of the Roland SH-5 to the Behringer team, he also put it in his own AMSynths modules. So far, you can get the VCO and the envelopes of the SH-5 as replicas for Eurorack from AMSynths. Today Rob Keeble presented the next element, the AM8009.

AMSynths AM8009

AMSynths AM8009

The AM8009 module (18HP) is a replica/clone of the two LFOs, Noise, and S&H circuits from the Roland SH-5 monophonic Synthesizer. The envelopes are available separately in the AMS8007 module.

According to Rob, the AMSynths circuit is similar to the original and based around the same JFET’s and UJT transistors, with 741 and 1458 IC’s. There are two LFOs. The first offers sawtooth and an offset invert sawtooth while the second is more advanced. LFO 2 offers different waveforms: triangle, square, and sine with a delay option. Each LFO also offers a handy red LED indicator.

AMSynths AM8009 SH-5

The noise section consists of a noise output with a switchable white or pink timbre. Then, you have the sample and hold (S&H) block which form the last block of the module. It is driven by its own internal clock (rate set by sample time) and it can sample either LFO-1 sawtooth, LFO-2 triangle or the Noise output. This allows you to create random step waveforms as well as more predictable patterns. Also here you have an LED indicator, this time in green.

On the connection side, you get an external gate input and individual outputs for the LFOs, noise, trigger, and sample and hold. Unfortunately, there is no demo of the module. These modules are exciting for anyone looking for an affordable way to get the sound and features of the Roland SH-5 in Eurorack.

AMSynths AM8009 is available now for pre-order for an introductory price of £125 instead of £150.

More information here: AMSynths 

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