AMSynths Prague, Moog Prodigy Inspired Analog Synth Voice Coming Soon

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AMSynths, co-developer of the Behringer 2600, announces the Prague, an analog synth voice for Eurorack that inspired by the Moog Prodigy.

When it comes to affordable new synthesizers and analog clones, Behringer is hard to ignore. The TD-3 is already available for 100€, which is an authentic reproduction of the famous Roland TB-303. For one of the largest projects, the 2600 (ARP 2600 replica), Behringer collaborated with Rob Keeble, who is the chief developer of AMSynths.

Now Rob is devoting himself to his actual job as AMSynths developer again and is working on a new analog mono synth. More precisely, a synth voice that takes inspiration from a well-known affordable Synthesizer from 1979.

AMSynths Prague

AMSynths Prague

The AMSynths Prague is an expanded version of the Moog Prodigy Synthesizer from 1979, with the same VCOs, VCF, VCA, and Contour Generators but some minor improvements. The changes include a revised LFO to use 1MA potentiometer with additional S&H waveform, variable pulse width, and PWM on the oscillator 2, and a sub-oscillator with up to octaves below the VCO1. The latter is controlled by the oscillator 1 level control. Further, Rob has added more features thanks to new built-in 3-way switches. It includes:

  • OSC1 LFO MOD has a half modulation option
  • OSC2 PW MOD has both LFO and ENV1 as modulation sources
  • OSC SYNC also has a fixed cross mod option
  • VCF KYBD has a half modulation option
  • VCF LFO MOD has a half modulation option
  • SUB oscillator has both 1 and 2 octave below options
  • Contour Release has an option for VCF envelope to be off and VCA envelope on

Rob Keeble’s Moog Prodigy replica will not be released as a keyboard but as a synth voice module that fits into a Moog 60HP case. Additionally, he will offer a small power supply PCB that slots into the rear holes so you can transform it into a standalone synth. Currently there are no photos of the synth but a small sound demo on YouTube.

According to Rob Keeble (AMSynths), the Prague Synthesizer will go into production in May and will be completed modules and PCB/panel kits. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more demos of the new analog synth voice. Price TBA.

More information here: AMSynths

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