Novation Peak Summit firmware 2.0 adds new stereo options, effects, and more

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Novation Peak Summit firmware 2.0 update is out now adding new stereo processing options, new effects (chorus, lo-fi delay…) and more.

The Novation Peak and Summit are excellent synthesizers when it comes to hybrid synthesis. Digital VA/wavetable synthesis in combination with juicy analog filters and distortion. A mixture that sounds very rich and unique. Both synths were the last works of the British synth pioneer Chris Huggett who passed away in 2020.

Today, Novation is giving a great gift to Peak and Summit users. The firmware 2.0 update is here with many new features.

Novation Peak Summit firmware 2.0

Novation Peak Summit Firmware 2.0

Both flagship hybrid synthesizers Peak and Summit get a big 2.0 update today. According to Novation, it brings in essential improvements and a multitude of features across stereo controls, modulation, unpredictability, and effects, that give you powerful tools to shape your sound.

The new firmware 2.0 introduces new advanced stereo processing options including new spread modes, panning per voice, and panning in the mod matrix. These features allows you to expand your sound design adventures in the stereo field. You get now bigger, wider, and more intricately textured soundscapes says the developers.

Novation also expanded the modulation system by adding new modulation destinations, noise as a mod source, and additional LFO 3 and 4 parameters. Plus, envelope animation and arpeggiator chance are now possible giving you even further sound design und performance possibilities. It’s a welcomed thing that this area is being expanded, since a large modulation engine is an important factor for creating very complex sounds

Then, the new firmware 2.0 also adds new effects to Peaks and Summits mighty hybrid engine. New onboard are different chorus modes , flanger, Phlanger, and a Lo-Fi delay mode enabling more vintage styling sounds. Besides the new modes, they are also more versatile thanks to new effects modulation destinations opening up more experimental sounds.

Further, it includes a number of important bug fixes and improvements.

A big update at first glance. I bought a used Peak a while ago and I have to admit it has quickly become one of my favorite synthesizers in my studio. So I’m particularly happy about the update.

Novation Peak Summit firmware 2.0 update is available now as a free download from the Components page. Summit is available now for 1975€, Peak for 1244€.

More information here: Novation

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